7 Online Academies For Learning From Home

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Written by: Aili
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The classroom and workplace are evolving. The development of how we organize and execute tasks is undergoing a drastic change in all areas of our lives thanks to the internet. Now, regardless of the time of day or your physical location, the era of online communication makes it possible to teach, learn and work from home

The best eLearning platforms

Why not take advantage of this moment when remote work and distance learning are becoming increasingly popular and necessary to look into tools that teach us how to harness their full power? Digital learning platforms help effectively meet learning needs.

At Genially, we’ve selected the ones we think will help greatly with daily learning and tasks as well as those our tool integrates with:

Khan Academy

A basic tool for online learning is Khan Academy, which has become one of the best known platforms of this kind. It stands out for its materials in math, science and economics which, instead of becoming the most difficult classes, are taught through different entertaining resources and videos.


The go-to place for creative professionals looking to learn is Crehana. Whatever your sector is–architecture, marketing, illustration, graphic design, etc.–Crehana offers courses teaching you how to use design tools and new methods for managing creative projects. We’re looking at classes made to suit your needs: if you want to dive more deeply into a topic, you can take a single course.

Professionals may want to try “Careers”, where distinct training options are brought together; it’s an ideal option for those starting out in their sector. If your goal is to show that you have obtained a given level of knowledge in your field, you can use the “Certificates” option. The price range for courses is reasonable. Creative professionals don’t have an excuse to be out of date, and platforms like this one make it easier than ever to get started in a creative field.


University-level learning for all. That’s the essence of Coursera, founded by the University of Stanford with the participation of the University of Michigan, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania. It has language courses but is especially strong in its offering of online university degrees that cover the whole spectrum of knowledge. It’s perfect for finishing degrees or as a way of easing into the academic pace of university studies.


No one’s surprised that the internet will lead the development of future careers. In fact, the jobs in greatest demand are those related to web development and similar fields. Platzi has become a leader in online professional learning thanks to its learning paths for engineers and developers; from video games to mobile apps and trends like the Internet of Things, the options they offer are complemented with specializations in leadership, directing, production and design.

5. EdX

It used to be that in order to study at Harvard, you needed to go to its campus. It’s all changed thanks to EdX. This is a platform founded by prestigious universities and offers one of the most diverse course catalogues. Many of its courses are well adapted to the major needs of the job market, making them ideal for recycling old knowledge and staying up to date in a given field. Who says that distance learning means a lower quality experience? As if that wasn’t enough, EdX has the advantage of being the only open source and non-profit MOOC provider.

Google Digital Garage

The best option for staying current with all the digital skills required today is offered by the Internet giant Google with its Digital Garage. Digital marketing, information or skills for professional development or management are some of the strong points of this online educational platform

Learn learning experience in Genially Academy

Illustration Genially Academy

Some use this platform due to the influence Google has over the development of strategies for ecommerce, digital marketing or simply its easy access and integration with other tools. The ease with which Google tools like this one work with other tools is especially desirable for educators using platforms like Google Classroom. The courses offer a solid foundation for growth as they help users grow their knowledge.


Foundational learning is also available on the internet. There are so many who, for diverse circumstances, don’t have access to primary or secondary (k12) education. The platform CK12 was created to make these levels of education more accessible. 

Science and technology take a front seat on this platform, but it also offers material related to the humanities and even photography. One of its best aspects is that the content generated has a Creative Commons license on it, making the platform an excellent repository for all kinds of online educational material.

And remember… You can never learn too much

With the help of new technologies, access to education is open to all who have a bit of physical space and internet connection, regardless of the time of day, making this a great option for those who are working. 

7 Online Academies For Learning From Home

Acquiring new training, becoming more specialized, continuing with distance learning or finally obtaining a K12 certificate of completion… the options are endless. Which will you choose?

Greetings from the whole team at Genially. Until next time!

Edtech and music enthusiast
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