What are the best Genially Academy courses?

These are the Genially Academy's most popular courses.
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Who determines which Genially Academy courses are the best? Our awesome community does! Here’s a selection of the most successful courses in the community.

By the way, how long has it been since you paid a visit to the Genially Academy? Come and see what’s new! Our team just keeps on adding fun interactive courses to make learning how to create amazing content as easy as peeling a banana. Get the superpower to make every creation amazing!

Genially Academy is for you

Genially Academy is a learning space where you can discover how to express all your creativity by creating interactive content that’s totally wooow. 

And how do I know it’s for you? Because there are no exceptions. The courses are designed so that everyone can understand and get the most out of them, whatever their age or professional role.

From any device and from anywhere in the world you can learn for free with Genially. Don’t worry, you won’t get bored. Here you’ll have fun while improving your knowledge of Genially and interactive visual communication, while also catching up on the latest content trends or practicing solving challenges. 

The Genially Academy connects with you and your desire to learn. Choose your course and see for yourself.

Learn how to use Genially; it’s easier than you think! 

Start at the beginning. This Genially learning plan takes you from the basics to an advanced level. You’ll learn how to navigate through the Editor, use the features creatively, and boost your productivity when creating content. It’s the easiest and most fun way to master Genially.

The top 10 Genially Academy courses and micro-courses

1. How to use interactive questions 

Learn how to make the most of interactive questions and get lots of inspiration for creating your own. Now that’s practical training!

2. Advanced no-code animations 

fondo magenta claro con la palabra no-code sobre fondo azul y una flecha

We explain how to create animations for microsites, titles, or for your presentations with Genially. Yes, this is the content you’ve always dreamt of creating.

3. Have fun learning 

portada del curso 'aprender divirtiéndose' de Genially Academy

Want your students to have a great time in your classes? In this course, you’ll learn about game-based methodologies, their benefits for learning, and how to apply them in the classroom.

4. Interactive visual communication

icono de un ojo sobre fondo verde para enlazar el curso sobre comunicación visual interactiva de Genially Academy

A course in which you’ll discover why interactive visual communication is so important and how to use it. And you know what? All the content in this course is made with Genially, even the videos. You’ll be amazed!

5. SCORM presets 

If you use an LMS on a daily basis, this course is for you. Discover how to use each SCORM preset according to your objectives.

6. Gamification for companies 

Gamification is the magic ingredient to get everyone in the company scrambling to take your training courses, and here you can learn how to apply it, and play at the same time. The course itself is a game!

7. Visual storytelling

Once upon a time… Now that I have your attention, let me tell you that this is the perfect course for learning what ingredients a narrative needs to captivate the audience, how to use visual storytelling, and what templates to use to achieve your goals.

8. 6 design tips for infographics


Another 2 for 1. In addition to learning the key to great design, the course itself is a very inspiring example of the use of interactivity. Want to see?

9. Secret messages

Creating secret messages for your gamified activities is very easy with Genially, especially if you learn by practicing with this course. Engage and motivate in your classes or company training!

10. 7 types of interactive quiz

Did you know that quizzes are great for reviewing and evaluating in a super fun way? Discover 7 types of quizzes you can create to motivate and encourage participation.

Still haven’t been to see the Genially Academy? Sign up now! It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s for you!

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'Imagine, create, share. Design the future'.

'Imagine, create, share. Design the future'.

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