These are the most popular courses in Genially Academy of 2020. Have you completed them all?

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Who decides which Genially Academy courses were the best in 2020? Our community, of course! We’re starting the year with this review of the courses you’ve liked the best in 2020 and with our eyes set on our upcoming goals: more courses, more innovative training, and the Genially Academy as the support that helps you lead the new generation of content.

The Genially Academy is for you

Our goal for the Genially Academy is to offer a space for learning to everyone who wants to stand out with innovative content that’s sure to impress.

You can build new skills here entirely for free. In the Genially Academy, you’ll find courses to become an expert in the latest trends in graphic design and visual communication, master Genially easily, and learn the most innovative and effective instructional strategies.

The Genially Academy’s training materials are visual, attractive, and easy to understand. Plus, once you complete a course, you’ll receive a certificate of accreditation.

What are you waiting for? Learn and accredit your digital learning starting with the most successful courses according to our community.

Which Genially Academy courses were the most popular in 2020? 


Strengthen how you communicate with dynamic effects that will surprise your audience and hold its attention. Discover how to get the most out of them!

Course of Animation

My First Genially

Welcome to Genially! We’ll take you through the creation process step by step so that you learn to quickly and easily master the tool.

Course of How To Choose A Genially Template

Board Games

Create interactive games to surprise your audience. Discover the potential of gamification to communicate, educate and train!

Course of Board Games

How To Choose A Template

In Genially there are over 1000 templates ensuring that you always find the perfect design for communicating your ideas. Here we show you how to find it!

Course of My First Genially

Learning Landscapes

Discover the keys to motivation in learning and achieve your goals as an educator!

Course of Learning Landscapes

Still not familiar with the Genially Academy? Sign up! It’s free and definitely for you. 

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