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Like many things in life, the best bits can be found in the little details. The fact that a brand makes appearances in the media or succeeds in creating a community may not seem like absolutely vital contributors to its survival. But in reality, these details do make the difference, don’t you think? These activities provide visibility, encourage loyalty, and give the impression of high professional standing, among other advantages. That is why having a communications plan is fundamental to every marketing strategy.

A corporate communications plan is a document that contains everything related to the message that a brand or institution wants to convey: strategies, objectives, action plans, channels, and guidelines.

A corporate communications plan is a document that contains everything related to the message that a brand or institution wants to convey: strategies, objectives, action plans, channels, and guidelines.

Genially’s Marketing department has been in operation since day one (perhaps because our CMO, Luis, is an advertiser and knew what he was doing), so marketing strategies have always been a priority. Now, the Communications team is made up of people (awesome ones, of course) who work shoulder to shoulder with the other various areas of Genially so that communication plays a part in achieving all of the company’s objectives.

And of course, in Genially’s Communications department we use Genially at work. In this post we reveal how we do it.

First and foremost: we plan!

Fact: the better you plan something, the more successful it’ll be. This is also true when creating communicative activities. That’s why at Genially we lean on platforms such as Notion and Airtable to help us manage campaigns or communication projects. And when a project is ready to be presented, instead of long, boring briefings written out in documents, we turn to the Genially templates.

Genially on social media

One of the things defined in a content strategy is the formats in which the message will be delivered; for example, video, images, blogs… and geniallys, of course! As a format, it’s very versatile. A genially can enrich the content of a blog post and can be integrated into numerous platforms as well as in social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

As part of the content strategy, it can communicate the main message or you can use it to add or summarize information or gamify with the key concepts of the campaign. Endless possibilities!

Campaigns on social media

Next, we’ll show you some campaigns we’ve run on social media using geniallys.

  1. The Day of the Dead (el Día de Muertos) is one of the best-known aspects of Mexico’s culture. We loved the idea of a nod to our community in Mexico and Latin America and creating content inspired by this cultural event. So we did. We put together some special resources so that, using draggable elements, our community was able to create their own altar. 

  1. Our community is diverse and we value and celebrate that. That’s why we wanted to make it clear why we celebrate LGTB Pride (and why we’ll continue to celebrate it). We had the idea of explaining it in this simple video presentation which, between you and me, we whipped up in a flash

  1. Gamification is another great resource for communicating on social media. And, integrating Genially into Twitter works great. There are lots of ways to try it! That’s how we celebrated International Francophonie Day with our French-speaking community: we challenged them to a fun quiz.

And on our blog…

If you follow our blog (which, of course, we recommend you do!), you’ve probably noticed that we often insert geniallys to make our posts more engaging. An example? Well, this post you’re reading right now for starters!

We know from experience that they are much, much more effective than the same old static images with no interactivity. In fact, the geniallys are always among the most visited content in our blog.

Genially, the perfect ally for communications professionals 

At Genially, we like a party as much as we love chocolate (maybe more!). So when it comes time to organize an event or prepare a communication about, or invitation to one, we go all smug. We know well that the templates for guides or microsites will make it a breeze. A genially can even house a virtual event itself. We did that, for example, for the virtual event about gamification, Genially Games. And Natalia explained all the details in this post.

What do you think of this template for interactively displaying all the information about your event? Pretty cool, right?


Event guide

Also, one of the most common responsibilities of a Communications department is managing relations with the press and the media. One of the related tasks is sending a press kit to journalists which includes the basic information. Our product and creative team realized that this is another thing we could do with Genially and that’s why they created specific templates for it. You guessed it, our press kit is also, of course, a genially! The only thing is that instead of using a template, we created it from scratch.

Something that’s arguably as important as communicating outwardly (with your target audience, your community, etc.) is communicating internally (with your team). A good internal communications plan makes for a pleasant work culture that promotes trust and increases motivation. Here we have to admit that we’ve cheated a little bit, because we teamed up with the awesome people in Human Resources to create this content.

Now may be a good time to remind you that you can collaborate on geniallys, and embed platforms such as Typeform and Google Forms in Genially, which are ideal for surveys or suggestion boxes for improvements.

And now to measure results! 

In a digitalized world, it was simply a question of time before data became the real protagonist of… well, everything! And communication is no exception. Everything is measured: from how many people read this post, to monthly followers on a social network.  

As we know, after every activity there comes the time to make the corresponding report. The most important KPIs from social media are kept in Genially dossiers ?. They work great for presenting the essential info in meetings without straying from the topic at hand. And you know what else helps? The power of a great interactive graph for presenting data.

If you’ve got this far, you deserve a little something. Allow me to share one of the reusable templates for presenting results that I use all the time. You can discover more content that’s appeared on Genially’s social media on my social profile. Because you never know who you might inspire!


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