I work in corporate training, what can I use Genially for?

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June 27, 2023


Would you like to have the superpower to engage audiences with your training? If you want to have everyone looking forward to every new corporate course that’s released, this post is for you. 

The time has come to put an end to yawning in your training and to annihilate the dropout rate. To banish forever the myth that corporate training is boring. How? With mind-blowing interactive visual content. The kind of content you create with Genially.

Genially is a comprehensive tool with which you can create impactful training content. An all-in-one authoring tool that makes it very easy; you can even work on content collaboratively with your team and make use of all the talent around you.


If you continue reading, your training content will undergo a serious transformation. 

In this kit, you’ll find examples of the best uses of Genially for company training, along with all the resources you need to level up your training materials. Discover everything you can do with Genially!

The templates will be your lifelines. You’ll find it much easier to create your resources, and you’ll be able to reuse them as many times as you want. This way, they’re more than worth every minute you spend creating them. 

Want to know how corporate trainers use Genially? Here are some of the most common ways.

1. Genially for creating training content

Motivating and engaging your audience with training content is much easier if you use interactivity and animation. With the tutorials, courses, and training modules that you create with Genially you’ll have them crying out for more. And you know the best part? You’ll need less time than ever to prepare each resource. 

What do you need to create? In addition to training content in long or short formats such as microlearning, you can also create all kinds of resources for planning, such as diagrams, calendars, roadmaps, etc. 

Need to welcome new team members? Genially to the rescue! In just a few minutes you can prepare an interactive onboarding kit with a super visual design, where you gather all the information so that new talents always have it at hand. Show them all how professional you are! 

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2. Review and check what they’ve learned

Quizzes, breakouts, and other gamified activities are great for reviewing and reinforcing knowledge in a fun way. Everyone likes to play! Set up activities of this type to engage and maintain interest. Interactivity and animations make learning a much more entertaining experience, and gamification boosts training results.

Another advantage of using Genially is that you can track every interaction your content receives. If you use an LMS, you can download your geniallys in SCORM format and upload it to your platform. 

That way, you collect data on who accesses your genially, what percentage of the content they visit, and, if you assign scores to the different pages, how many points each person gets. This is the data you need for preparing good performance reports for each training. 

Speaking of reports… yes, you can also create them in Genially. You’ll find out more a little later in this post. This is another advantage of having an all-in-one tool, which allows you to save a lot of time. Having everything in the same place is super handy! 

Want to make your training even more motivating? You can award diplomas or certificates to celebrate achievements. A diploma is a reward, and it’ll help those who participate in your training to remember it positively. And if you award them as a surprise, the effect will be even more powerful. 


Education certificate

Here’s a trick for making diplomas super quickly: choose a template, create the first one, and then duplicate the page as many times as people are taking the training. Finally, edit the name on each page and download your creation in images. Done! 

3. Develop initiatives and internal campaigns

You and I both know that the success of any initiative or campaign depends on how the message is communicated. You need creativity to capture people’s attention and you also need for it to be easy to spread the message. 

Whatever content you need to create, in Genially you’ll find the template you need and tons of inspiration. Content for social networks or for the intranet, to share information about events, to showcase success stories …


Case study

By using Genially you put interactive visual communication into action, which allows you to connect with people’s visual nature and encourage participation. 

When you want to share information about your initiatives and campaigns, it’ll be easier than ever. All you need to do is send the link to your creation. And if you want to share lots of geniallys at once, activate your social profile. It’s oh so easy.

And, all your creations are in the cloud. This means that any changes are updated immediately and whoever accesses your genially using the link will always see the latest version. Want to update or modify something? Just change it and you’re done. No need to send the document or presentation again. 

4. Make internal corporate documentation

The superpower of engaging with your content transforms all internal communication. With Genially, no content is boring. Your presentations, reports, dashboards, and all your corporate documents can stand out and catch everyone’s eyes thanks to interactivity and animations – get the extra attention you need in every meeting!

And if you have PPTX content, it’s time to give it a new lease of life. Did you know that you can import PPTX presentations into Genially? Enjoy the benefits of recycling!

Transforming corporate documentation into mind-blowing interactive creations will require very little effort. If you get your audience to interact with your organizational chart, brand manual, investment deck, or business guide, your message becomes memorable. 

It’s time to say goodbye to the same old boring content and wow everyone with your creativity. Oh, and if you can think of other ways to use Genially for corporate training, we’d love to hear them; let us know in the comments! 

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2 Responses

  1. Interesting. I been learning Articulate Storyline and also been exploring web-based options. Someone did suggest Genially, but after checking it out I was convinced it was for K-12 Education. I wonder if there is an example of designing a project ( inception to completion) for the corporate arena? I just want to get a sense of its capabilities. Assuming there could be an example on Youtube? Please advise. Thanks

    1. Yes, Genially is definitely suitable for corporate projects too. I would recommend checking out this video, in which instructional designer Dr. Robin Sargent tells us how she uses Genially for corporate training.

      And, in this post you can read about using Genially as an authoring tool. There’s also this learning path for trainers, where you can learn about quizzes, gamification in corporate training, integrations, and more.

      With Genially, not only will your training content be much more fun, but you will also enjoy creating it.

      Have a great day 🚀

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