How do you create a creative resume that’s both original and unique?

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January 25, 2024


As you already know, a creative resume serves as your primary cover letter, making it essential that you present your information in a visually engaging and attractive way. The key to making a unique CV that stands out from the crowd is creating an interactive resume. 

The digital world has a multitude of avenues for discovering jobs, and it is important that you know how to take full advantage of these opportunities. Take advantage of your online presence to improve your personal branding for potential employers using this effective cover letter format accessible on any device at the click of a link.

Advantages to an online resume

One of the most important advantages to a resume saved in the cloud is the automatic and real-time synchronization of any edits you make. All the copies you’ve sent out with the shared link (which doesn’t change) will be updated automatically.

Your best ally when facing the vast amount of competition in the labor market is a distinctive resume. A resume that makes an impact will make the person in charge of selecting the best profile for a given position remember you.

A major advantage to an interactive resume is the recipients’ ability to explore its contents creating a memorable experience that far exceeds what can be accomplished with a traditional paper format. You can fill an online resume with pictures, documents, links to your websites, social network profiles, or even videos expanding on your experience allowing you to creatively present your academic and work experience and skills in a truly original format.


Genial CV II

What should you include in your CV?

A Brief Introduction

This section allows you to present a brief self-introduction describing your future employment expectations, areas of ongoing personal development, and the activities you’d like to do. 

At this point the recruiter will compare your profile, skills, and experience with the company ‘s needs and the requirements for the available position. Including your qualifications for the listed job requirements in your Bio is a great idea when applying to a specific position. 

Add a clean and simple background image to your resume which highlights your content.

When all of these small modifications add value to your resume, setting you apart from other applicants and showing your familiarity with the latest tech trends, why wouldn’t you try them? 

Experience and Skills

In this section you should highlight your experience in the field, what you know how to do, any new skills you’re developing, etc. 

To anyone reading this section, it should be clear that you have both the knowledge and skills for the position.

Don’t forget to include the names of the companies you’ve worked for in your work experience section in addition to a brief description of your job and, most importantly, your achievements! Including your awards and recognitions on your resume proves your talent and shows recruiters that you’re not just an average candidate, but an outstanding person.


This is another opportunity for you to showcase your relevant knowledge, skills, and other strengths. Additionally, for informal purposes you can include the hobbies you enjoy during your free time

Don’t forget your contact information

This is the last slide of your new creative resume.  Here you can fill in any remaining necessary information in addition to an image.

Once you’ve created your new resume you can share it on your social media, through a direct link (on Whatsapp or Slack for example), in an email, and even on your website or blog. And if you’ve paid for a premium plan you can download it as a interactive PDF, JPG, or HTML (whichever format is most convenient for you)! 

Creative Resume Templates and Examples

Word templates are a tool of the past so to help you get started we’ve created a series of free CV templates so you can make the most unique and creative resume possible.

Interactive Resume Templates


About me


Microsite CV


Education resume


Gallery CV

Now what? Dare to make your resume interactive?

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