Interactive, animated, and disruptive: How to create digital content with Genially

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In life, it’s important to be realistic; it’s becoming more and more difficult to produce interesting, informative digital content that engages your audience in this, our increasingly digital universe. The audience is no longer satisfied with a diagram, a presentation created with WordArt, or an illustration made with Paint. The audience reigns supreme and they need content that excites their brains. 

Everything has been invented, I’m afraid, and finding time during the day to rethink our designs is not always easy.

Critical thinking also takes time. And as time is not exactly something we’ve got in spades, Genially can be extremely useful for providing inspiration and finding different ways of telling stories, thanks to animation and interactivity.

Don’t believe me? Well here’s an infallible list of formats that you can use to inspire ideas or as the perfect complement to your design programs when creating digital content. 

Interactive images

Some information is tricky to explain, whether it be because of the sheer quantity, or a lack of context when conveying it. What’s your best bet in these types of cases? But of course: interactive images! These are super useful creations that allow you to communicate ideas quickly and concisely thanks to interactivity in your digital content.

This feature allows you to expand the information you’re representing with images, videos, audios, texts, and everything you need to support your content. Interactivity turns that block of information into something dynamic, attractive, lively, and, of course, fun. It’s the ideal ingredient for contextualizing your message and explaining complex ideas in a more detailed way, as those viewing the image can explore it at their own pace.  

Here’s a little something to help that lightbulb moment along so you can leave clunky, static content behind once and for all:


Call it a series of pages that play one after the other, call it a video, or call it whatever you want, but be sure to use this format to create digital content. ‘Why?’, you ask. Easy: this narrative allows the information to be received in an enjoyable, animated, and visual way.

Right, that’s cute, very modern, but creating a video… that requires time and effort; adjusting the sounds and narration, maybe the client wants a different color background, and exporting it… pfff, that takes forever. Sound familiar? Well, my friend, forget about your worries and your strife. With Genially, you can create a video presentation in the time it takes you to brush your teeth (which, if I remember correctly, was supposed to be the length of your favorite Britney Spears song). What’s more, with Genially you can download any of your creations as an MP4. We’ll show you how.

We have a wide range of templates for making videos; here’s just one example which may be just what you need to create awesome content like this in a flash if you’re short on time:


Do you have to put a bunch of numbers into context and make the numbers relevant to your audience? You’re in the right place. You need a diagram, a chart, an interactive map. You need an infographic. 

I’m sure you’re aware, but infographics are the best way to convey information and figures in a clear, concise, impactful, and multimedia way. This format can make a great match with your content and elevate it to a higher level.Here’s a piece of advice: never sacrifice clarity for originality, but the more creative your infographics are, the better. Here’s a post written by my colleague Javi Martinez, former infographer at Europa Press, to give you some tips on how to inform better through interactivity and animation, and another template, on the house.


Clear, comprehensive, and simple. These are the ingredients that make up any good microsite. In addition to being useful for creating campaigns or specific projects for your brand, a microsite can have spectacular results at a narrative level if used to present a project, such as a personal portfolio, or even to develop an animated CV

You won’t be forgotten in a hurry. See how it’s done in this template.

If you want to create differentiated content without sacrificing information, microsites are for you. The creative freedom, the ability to include all kinds of audiovisual material, and the capacity to measure the impact they have on your audience all make them an ideal way to create more extensive digital content and deliver spectacular storytelling without having to invest time in wrestling with code

Yep, you read right. No coding. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example for you, oh ye of little faith.

What’s your favorite format for creating digital content? Let us know!

Still not convinced? Tough crowd! Here are some more reasons why Genially can be a great support in your daily slog if you’re a graphic designer

Marina López

Writing works as a fight against chaos. Virginie Despentes

Marina López
Marina López
Writing works as a fight against chaos. Virginie Despentes

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