What is an eCard? Check out the best digital cards

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January 17, 2024


Now is the perfect time to discover what an eCard is (it doesn’t matter when you’re reading this). When you see how easy it is to create an eCard and how useful they are, you’ll want to use them all the time. So read on; maybe you’ll discover a way of using eCards that you hadn’t thought of before.

What is an eCard?

An eCard is a digital card. When we say digital cards, we’re usually referring to an online card that is accessed via a link and usually sent by email. 

They usually contain a greeting and a personal message or well wishes. Ecards are used to send greetings with warm birthday wishes, holiday greetings, or any message you want to send to that special person.


‘Wanted’ interactive card

Whether you want to create a Christmas greeting, wish someone happy birthday, or just send them something nice for no particular reason, in Genially there are tons of templates for creating all kinds of awesome digital cards. Interactivity and animation will make your message memorable.


First time in Genially?

Learn easily how to create unique, interactive, and animated content

Online or on paper? Advantages of creating eCards

Here’s where the more nostalgic people among us will tell me that an eCard simply cannot compare to the charm of a handwritten card. That may well be. But what sticks out in my memory is that day before Christmas, when it rained so much that I got drenched going to the Post Office and then had to wait in line for half an hour … To each their own!

As well as not having to leave the house to send them, eCards have lots of other benefits:

  • They’re more eco-friendly 
  • They’re easier to personalize and more versatile: the creative possibilities are endless
  • They can be created and sent super quickly
  • They allow you to add multimedia content
  • You can send free greetings to as many people you want 
  • You can send them however you like: on Whatsapp, by email, or on socials

And do you know the best part? You don’t have to wait for a certain date to send a digital card. The only thing you need is the desire to surprise someone or make them smile. 

What is an interactive eCard?

An interactive eCard includes interactive elements and/or buttons, with which your audience can interact to make other things happen: such as make an image appear, or a video or audio play. Imagine making your Christmas greeting extra awesome by adding Mariah Carey’s voice or recording your own voice wishing your friend a happy birthday.

That way, in addition to the surprise of receiving the card, there is a surprising interactive experience, something that they’ll undoubtedly remember for a long time.

Head over to Genially and choose from over 50 interactive and animated eCard templates. You’ll have it ready to go in just a few minutes. There’s something for every possible occasion. For example, creating and sending your birthday or party invitations has never been easier.



Birthday invitation

You can also create an interactive holiday card to wish someone happy holidays.


Baubles Christmas card

And without going out in the cold or getting your socks wet. Just like that! If you want to wish someone a merry Christmas, here’s a collection of amazing free Christmas templates.

You could also use this format to display with results of a survey.


Poll result

Valentine’s day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s day … there are tons of possibilities. Check out the templates; they’re bound to inspire!

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