4 reasons to use Genially if you’re a designer

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November 9, 2023


For freelancers and creative teams. For junior and senior designers. For tall people and short people. Genially is the tool that complements your everyday programs to perfection and brings you added value: designing interactive and animated content in just a few clicks.

Stefan Sagmeister said it best: a designer’s objective is to ‘touch people’s hearts with design’. That’s why in this post we’re giving you 4 reasons to use Genially as one of your design programs, with the promise that you’ll be able to create amazing designs that are interactive, animated, differentiated, outstanding, successful… and that engages the brain and delights the viewer.

To build an original and tailor-made brand identity

Designing often means following the corporate manual rules for the logo, the fonts, the colors, and all that stuff you already know all about. The fact that visual identity and the brand should always go hand in hand is an unwritten rule that applies in any part of the world.

Well, let me tell you that astonishing your client or audience with content that you whipped up in minutes and without losing even a smidge of visual identity is neither myth nor legend. With Genially you can create content that helps define and apply the basics of branding or design all kinds of interactive and animated creations with that Wow effect.

Here’s a template and a few tips and tricks that are sure to come in handy for starting (or continuing) your love affair with Genially and saying sayonara to the same old branded content that the rest of the mere mortals use.


Business pitch deck

To make creating digital content synonymous with disruption

Sometimes it can feel very much like everything has already been invented, and there are days when our brains appear to have gone on strike. The creative person’s struggle is real. Quite often, getting down to work on a design and having to consider a million variables (the message, the distribution channels, the most suitable format, etc.) is not exactly what we want on a Friday afternoon in the middle of a heatwave.

Genially can be super useful as a source of inspiration and to help you find new ways to tell stories using interactive content such as images, microsites, videos, and infographics. Use effective storytelling to create stunning content that helps you engage, retain, and measure results.

Not sure yet? Let this template inspire you:


Isometric video mobile

To use data visualization to inform and empower your audience

Spanish designer Astrid Stavro is never short on creativity. She once said ‘design should communicate in the clearest, simplest way possible’. 

To inform is to empower, and visually communicating complex data using different formats is now a very real need in the day-to-day lives of all designers who work in advertising agencies or the media industry.

🎥 Webinar on data visualization and storytelling

Versatility and dynamism are the main ingredients for making geniallys, and they can serve as inspiration or even be the perfect complement to your design programs for whipping up creating infographics, diagrams, maps, graphs, or visual narratives.

Make an impact on your audience with this template and turn the data into much more than just numbers!


Data vis map

To present results in an original way and without tearing your hair out

It’s all too familiar: the end of the month approaches and that dreaded report is looming over you and you can’t ignore it any longer. Don’t worry, and take a deep breath; with Genially even the densest content can be attractive.

Interactive whitepapers, retrospectives, reports… create everything you need and turn that unwieldy wall of information into an entertaining presentation. Thanks to animation and interactivity, you can place the focus on the visual narrative and avoid the usual information overload.

Here’s a template to give you some ideas: 


Professional whitepaper

Can you think of any more ways to get the most out of your content with Genially? If you’re not yet familiar with the tool, I think this might just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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