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‘Just one more little thing’, ‘we need this yesterday’, ‘pleeease, it’s urgent’… If creatives had a euro for every time they heard these phrases, they’d be drinking tea with Queen Elizabeth. But snap back to reality and it’s no tea and all headaches for this creative community.

It has to be said: if you work in an advertising and communications agency or consultancy, your day would have to last 1263883 hours to be able to have a little life left in it after creating ALL the wonderful, successful, amazing, standout content which, of course, also communicates effectively, and guarantees the green light from the client.

That is why, whether you’re in design, PR, Social Media, or Digital, in this post we want to tell you the keys to creating content that’s different (and interactive!) quickly, easily, and without the headache.

For the Designers

Muriel Cooper, the goddess to whom many of us pray and the first graphic designer at MIT Press, said it clearly: ‘Information is only useful when it is understood’. And we know it is increasingly necessary to use different ways to capture the attention of our audience through standout storytelling and effective and simplified communication.

For this reason, for graphic designers, Genially can be extremely useful; it can help simplify processes and we can use it to complement our creations. Versatility and dynamism are the main ingredients of a genially, so it can help you turn any content into something informative and entertaining by allowing you to animate the elements of your design separately, for example, or to create GIFs with a transparent background in one simple click.

Achieving the Wow effect will not only be possible, but easy and, most importantly, fast. Still, we’ll always love you, Adobe Animate.

Start from scratch with a blank canvas

Many creative processes start with a blank canvas on which to lay out the information, think, rearrange, change, edit… That’s why a blank genially can be the beginning of a great friendship and a good way to quickly see how you can adapt the content to what the client is asking for and make it useful for your audience. Ideal for those ASAPs without advance notice or for last-minute changes.

This way, the fonts, the layout of the elements, the icons, and the animations depend solely and exclusively on your expertise as a design professional. The perfect complement for streamlining processes.

That said, inspiring you on a daily basis is what gets us up in the morning. So, here are some templates that serve to awaken that inner muse that sparks your creativity when Accounts ask you for a Wow idea for yesterday.

Last-minute report

Brand manual: Love or hate?

Stop brand guide torture:

Designer mode: No better assistant for your creations

Adjust, tilt, and coordinates. If you’re a designer, these concepts are part of your daily life and, in fact, a few months ago they were a member of what we called the ‘family nucleus’. This is why Designer mode is the stuff of dreams. Here’s a tutorial so you can use it like a Genially whizz.

With this feature you can arrange the elements in your creation and choose the depth, as well as match sizes and align the different ingredients of your genially with the precision of a surgeon, using numbers to indicate dimensions, position coordinates, and even degrees of inclination.

In addition, thanks to layering you can show and hide objects as you wish, and decide how to position them in your design to achieve a polished and professional result.

Would we go so far as to say that Designer mode is addictive? Yes. A word to the wise: onions have layers, ogres have layers, and these templates have layers: you will get more out of them with Designer mode.

For timeline fans:

If data visualization is your thing:

Find yourself with maps:

For the PR people

First of all, we want to give you a virtual hug. The PR life between events, follow-ups, launches and whatnot is hard, but what’s even harder is when the designers are up to their ears in work and the client asks you for visual content for the press release that you launch in half an hour, but it’s already noon and with the 1123782947 edits you had in the newsletter you haven’t had time. Breathe. We have the solution. Everyone likes them: infographics.

Visual communication is essential nowadays and knowing how to tell stories with data is a safe bet to get journalists – who a little birdie tells us haven’t exactly got heaps of time on their hands either – to read your press releases. This helps the audience get an idea of the content at a glance. With Genially you can create visual designs to enrich your communications and provide additional information in a quick and concise way and without the need for design or programming knowledge.

Sound complicated? Take a look at this infographic. You’re welcome.

For the Digital folks

If digital content is your thing, but design not so much, then you’re right where you need to be right now; here in this post. Being a digital creative is a very broad concept that ranges from typing up copy like there’s no tomorrow to creating HTML5 templates to launch the daily newsletter.

However, not all of us are lucky enough to know Python, have a Photoshop shortcut on our desktop, or have the knack for centering things in a template. 

When it comes to digital content, interaction is a must for connecting with the client’s target audience and achieving an engagement boost. Genially makes it very easy for us in this regard. You can create from games to enrich your web content, to interactive infographics that provide additional and dynamic content. It’s simple and specially designed for urgent and important creations. Which covers, well… all of your clients’ requests. We’ve got evidence to back it up:

We’ve also got vertical templates for mobile content! No device left behind. 

And if Community Management is your passion and your purpose, we’ve got something to tell you too: sharing your geniallys on social media is super easy and intuitive and they won’t lose any of their magic.

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Everyone knows it: to work in an agency is to wear many hats. So, whatever your role, we hope that with these templates and tips you will be able to create interactive content quickly, easily, and without those pesky timelines lurking over your shoulder.

How do you use Genially in your agency? Let us know in the comments!

Marina López
Marina López
Writing works as a fight against chaos. Virginie Despentes

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