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Are you one of those people who think that Genially is just for making presentations? You’re way off! Only using Genially to make presentations is like only using the freezer to store peas: a total waste of resources. You’re missing the best bits (the ice-cream)!

 Getting back to making the most of Genially: in this post we’ve put together 62 types of content used in the world of business that you can create with Genially.

Bet you didn’t know there were so many possibilities! Among the many advantages of creating your content with Genially we can list the ability to add advanced interactivity and animation effects that will surprise your audience, catch everyone’s eyes, and help you get the attention you need.

Genially is much more than presentations, and to demonstrate, we’ve created the most awesome interactive glossary you’ve ever seen. Explore each letter and discover which kind of creation lies beneath. They’re all useful for the corporate world and can all be created with Genially! Find inspiration in the examples and suggested templates. Who knows? You might even come across a term you didn’t know.


1. Branching scenario

Choose-your-own-adventure experiences are super effective for reviewing concepts after a training course, and reflecting on them in practice. The easiest way to create this type of content is to use an interactive template like this one, which can be fully customized to make your training memorable!

2. Breakout

A breakout is a type of gamification resource, a game that consists of solving a series of missions, finding a secret key, or overcoming a series of tests, depending on the narrative we want to work with. Gamifying a training course helps to consolidate knowledge, motivate, and strengthen other skills such as teamwork and conflict resolution.  

3. Business model canvas

This tool is used in corporate contexts to visualize all the key aspects of a business. It is very useful for capturing the business model in a simpler and more concise way than a complete business plan. It is mostly (but not exclusively) used in the early stages of the project. Use an interactive template and add additional information in the background while maintaining the visual design.

4. Buyer persona

A buyer persona is a representation of the ideal or potential customer of a business. It is about giving them a face and attributing the characteristics and needs that people likely to use your product or service have, with information that comes from research and analysis. 

Representing your buyer personas in a visual and interactive template will help you to better understand their profile and communicate it to your team much more effectively.


5. Calendar

A calendar is the most basic of planning tools. If you add clickable elements you can include all the information you want about events and important dates. That way, in addition to being useful for planning, it becomes a visual and easy-to-use communication tool.

6. Canvas

In the business world, a canvas is used to depict a business model in a visual and simplified way, allowing the value proposition to be captured at a glance.

7. Case study

Creating a case study or success story involves telling the stories of people who have bought your products or services and have managed to solve their needs. They are very effective in attracting potential customers, because they identify with other people’s stories. 

Check out this example! The interactivity will help you to visually communicate all the information about the situation and the way in which your product or service helped in resolving the issue.

8. Catalog

An interactive catalog allows you to turn a product catalog into an experience for your customers. Beyond images and text, you can add clickable elements that open videos, audios, GIFs and any other type of content. 

Why not enrich your catalog with the music that suits your brand, or explain verbally what you want to convey about your products? You can do this with Genially very easily and without any programming knowledge. Choose a catalog template and start creating!

9. Certificate

Providing people who complete a training course with a certificate serves as evidence of the knowledge acquired, and can be an incentive for learners. If you use a Genially template, you can create your training certificates in a few minutes.

10. Course

Training is a fundamental part of the business world. A training course can be aimed at training new recruits, imparting knowledge about internal processes and policies, or maintaining and reinforcing the team’s skills. Make it interactive with Genially to engage like never before and see the results of your training.

11. Customer journey map

This is the visual representation of the customer journey, i.e. the stages your customers go through during their relationship with your company. It is about showing all the interactions and points of contact between the customer and your brand to see your business from your customers’ point of view and improve your strategies. It’s super useful! 


12. Dashboard

A dashboard is a business tool that allows you to visualize the key indicators for the business strategy

At Genially we have set out to debunk the myth that data is boringIn this post, you can read more about how to present data without sending your audience to sleep. And, you can use templates to create attractive dashboards, with interactivity and animations. If you start with a template, you’ll have your dashboard ready with less effort and in less time than you think.

13. Data visualization

Data visualization is the art of turning data into useful, engaging, and easy-to-consume information, and is also the name given to content pieces that are created to display data. Create your data visualizations with Genially! Interactivity allows you to offer a much richer experience and the information is assimilated more naturally.

14. Diagram

A diagram is a visual representation of information, which is very effective in simplifying it and making it easy to understand. 

In an interactive diagram clickable elements are included to show more information in any format: texts, videos, etc. In Genially you’ll find templates for creating interactive diagrams of all kinds. Take a look, the designs are great! 

15. Diploma

A diploma is a document that serves to recognize and accredit an achievement. It is very common to award them upon completion of training, but there are many other reasons for recognition, right? Surprise your team by handing out diplomas for whatever reason you want; they take very little time to create.

16. Dossier

A dossier contains data and information on a specific topic. For example, a company dossier is an introduction to the company, with information and its most relevant characteristics. An interactive dossier is much more effective, as it allows people to explore the information at their own pace. 


17. Empathy map

There is no better strategy than empathy to help you get to know and understand your customers. An empathy map is the perfect tool for achieving this. Use it to capture the traits of your buyer personas; it’ll help you understand their needs and communicate the information to your team. 

18. Escape Room

An escape room is a gamification tool that poses a series of challenges and tests. Companies use this type of resource to entertain and motivate teams or as part of training. Science has shown that playing enhances learning, so implement your gamification strategy!


19. Funnel

This term is used in the marketing world to refer to the conversion funnel, that is, the phases a customer goes through from the first contact with the company until they pay for your product or service. Want to create a funnel? Choose a Genially template and make it pop with colors, interactivity, and animations.


20. Gamification

Gamification is a technique that consists of using games in non-game environments, such as learning. And gamified resources are used to put this strategy into practice: quizzes, breakouts, board games, etc. Gamification helps make your training more motivating and fun. Try it!

iconos de piezas de puzzle sobre fondo ocre, cabecera del curso de Gamificación para empresas de Genially Academy


Gamification for business

Learn how to use gamification at work

21. Glossary

A glossary is… what you’re reading right now! It’s a set of words related to a given topic, with their corresponding definitions and in alphabetical order. If you like this interactive glossary, you can create your own. Customize the content as much as you like. 

22. Graph

Graphs are used to represent data sets visually. And if they’re also interactive and animated, that’s way better! In Genially you’ll find all kinds of graphs, and they are also completely customizable. You can insert graphs in your creations with one simple click.

23. Guide

A guide is a piece of communication in which guidelines and directions on a given topic are laid out. They can be very boring or quite the opposite: interactive visual communication will help make sure people read your guide from top to bottom.


24. Infographic

Infographics are a type of content in which ideas and concepts are represented in a structured and visual way, with more images and icons than text. It is a very popular format because it helps make information easier to digest. And when it’s an interactive infographic, its effectiveness skyrockets. 

Did you know that we remember up to 80% of the information when we have the opportunity to interact with it? Find out more about how to create infographics here.

25. Interactive card

With an interactive card you can send a greeting, an invitation, mark a date, or express gratitude, congratulations, etc. Use an interactive template from Genially to create your cards; they are 100% customizable and super easy to edit. 

26. Interactive image

Any photo or illustration can become an interactive image. Enhance your banners, ads, or posters to convey your information in a creative and innovative way. 

Simply choose an eye-catching image and add interactive buttons and hotspots with additional information and resources such as text, audio, video, and more. See how easy it is to create an interactive image?

27. Instagram story

Instagram is THE visual social network, and video content is what’s most successful on here. Stories are ephemeral posts that contain an image or a vertical video and disappear after 24 hours. And yes, you can use Genially templates to create stories! Check out the mobile templates, you’re bound to fall in love with one of them.


28. Job opening

Finding talent to join your team is easier with an attractive job offer. Use interactivity to add company and job information, as well as links to your brand’s profiles. This way, those who want to submit their resume will have all the information at hand.

29. JTBD Canvas

JTBD is the acronym for Jobs To Be Done. But no, it’s not a to-do list. It is a methodology that explains the motivations of consumers, and the needs they want to satisfy with the purchase of any product. The idea is to adopt the point of view of your customers to better focus on solving their problems. Try a template to get you started!


30. Landing page

A Landing page is a page of a website that is specifically optimized to convert, i.e. to make people complete a certain action: subscribe to a newsletter, download content, make a purchase, etc.

The good news is that you no longer need any programming knowledge, design skills, or anyone to help you create amazing no-code landing pages with which to achieve your objectives. You can create them with Genially and insert them in your website. Equally effective and much, much easier!

31. Leaflet

I’m sure lots of leaflets have passed through your hands, though maybe less so in recent years. You remember those informative or advertising brochures that are usually neatly folded in three? As well as existing on paper, they also exist in the online world … and you can create them with Genially. Your brochure will be much more eye-catching if you add interactivity and animation effects.

32. Learning bite

Implement your Bite-sized Learning strategy to respond to the need for short, flexible, and customized training content. Breaking down the topics will help you improve the results of your training, especially if you manage to engage learners with interactive content. 


33. Map

An interactive map is the most visual and powerful way to display information with a geographic component. Maximize the value of your maps with interactive elements that lead to additional information in the format you want. Why create a normal map when you can create a genially? Here’s how to do it.

34. Media Kit

If you want the media to write about your brand, you need a media kit. This is the document with the most relevant information and your branding assets, which you send to the media to help present it in the best possible way. 

The option of creating a downloadable kit with all the resources has a major disadvantage: sooner or later it will become obsolete. Why not create your media kit in a genially? You only need to share the link once, and whoever accesses it will always see the latest content. What’s more, the interactivity and animation effects will make your media kit much more attractive. 

35. Metrics

Metrics are used to quantify and evaluate certain aspects of a business, such as trends or results. To illustrate them, graphs, tables, charts, diagrams, and other visual elements are used, which you can easily create with Genially. Oh, and you can also get metrics on the performance of your creations. 

Check out this post about data visualization where you’ll find great tips for making the information super attractive.

36. Microsites

A microsite is a website that is created for a temporary activity or a specific purpose, such as a marketing campaign, product promotion, or to share information about an event. In Genially you can create no-code microsites, i.e. without any programming knowledge. Create a microsite to turn any information into an experience. Quick, easy, wooow!

37. MP4 video

MP4 is a very commonly used video format. Good news! If you didn’t already know, as well as sharing the video presentations you make in Genially using a link, you can also download them as MP4s. So start creating content in your audience’s preferred format, because we live in the era of video!


38. Onboarding

When someone joins the team, there’s a lot of initial information for them to take in, and this can be a bit overwhelming for them. 

Genially to the rescue! Put all the information into an interactive onboarding template so that everything is organized and at hand. That way, each person can explore it at their own pace. Plus, you only have to make the effort to create it once. Then you only need to duplicate it and adapt it for each new hire. Very practical.

39. One-pager

The executive summary of your startup can fit on a single page, especially if it’s interactive! The one pager format is great for presenting your entrepreneurial project by making all the relevant information visible at a glance. The professional designs of the templates you’ll find in Genially will help you stand out.

40. Organization chart

An organizational chart is a visual representation of the company’s structure, with the departments and the people who are part of it. The more visual it is, the better. And if it’s also interactive, it can contain much more information about the people and departments, helping your team to get to know each other better! 


41. PDF

In an interactive PDF, you can include clickable links to connect the pages to one another. Did you know that you can download your geniallys as interactive PDFs? The ‘Go to page’ interactivity will still work and your audience will be able to navigate between the pages of your genially with a simple click.

42. Personal branding

The steps you take to get yourself out there and let everyone know what you have to offer are personal branding actions. 

Create your personal branding content with Genially so that standing out is much, much easier. There are templates for creating resumes, portfolios, and any content you can imagine, with interactivity and animations to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

43. Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is the key document for presenting your startup to potential investors and business angels. It includes information about the business opportunity, its current status, the vision for the future, the team, etc. 

Its function is to capture the attention of the person to whom it is addressed and pique their interest in a few short seconds. It is essential to show the information in a visually appealing way. If you use a Genially template to create your pitch deck, you’ll achieve that Wow effect much more easily, not to mention you’ll save time and money! 

44. Plan

The first step toward success in any project is good planning. Organize your tasks in an interactive template to make it easy to refer to the information. Choose a weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar according to your needs and goals – why not do one of each?

45. Portfolio

A portfolio is what you use to show the world what you can do. No matter what your professional role is, a good portfolio will open many doors. If you want to create a spectacular portfolio that’ll get the attention you deserve, I’d recommend checking out this post where we explain two ways of doing just that.  

46. Presentation

An interactive presentation is a set of slides with content (such as images, text, or icons) and interactive elements that show additional information or take the audience to other pages. So, more than just content with information, the presentation becomes an experience for your audience.

There are hundreds of presentation templates in Genially, with super diverse themes. And, it’s really easy to add interactivity and animations to surprise and delight your audience.


47. Quiz

A quiz is a simple questionnaire used to test the learner’s knowledge or to review concepts. Quizzes are informal and playful. Creativity will be your best ally when creating your quiz, which has to be as entertaining as possible: add gifs, memes, images, etc. Make it as engaging as possible so everyone wants to participate.  


48. Report

A report is a document that contains selected and verified information on any topic, such as the current state of a person or situation, or the activity and results of a company in a given period, for example. There are many types of business reports: on results, management, finances …  Graphs, maps, and dashboards are the types of content commonly used for reporting and displaying information visually.

With Genially’s interactive templates you can create your reports in record time, with a much more professional look and feel that will also engage your audience.

49. Resume

These days, it makes a lot of sense to create a resume online, as paper ones are less and less commonly used. Your resume is like your business card. Making it interactive allows you to show all the information in a visual and attractive way. Stand out from the crowd!

50. Roadmap

No, this is not for planning your next getaway. A roadmap shows the milestones and steps to follow to complete a process, such as launching a campaign or a new product. It’s very useful for getting organized, because it allows you to keep tasks, deadlines, and goals in sight. Choose an interactive Genially template to create your roadmap and wow your team!


51. Sales pitch

In a business proposal, you describe what your product or service offers to your customers. The purpose of this document is to persuade them that what you offer is their best option. 

You need to include information about your product, your customer’s problem or need, and how your product solves that problem or need. Information such as price and all the details related to payment as well as terms and conditions are also usually added. 

The structure of Genially’s business proposal templates icludes all the slides you need to organize your information in an effective and attractive way.


SCORM is a standard format for elearning content which makes it possible to monitor learner interaction with the content of a course and measure progress. It is trackable content, which is essential in training.

If you use an LMS, you’ll like this: you can download your geniallys in SCORM format. Then you can upload the SCORM package to your LMS and get all the information: you can see if learners have accessed the content, what percentage they have seen, or what score they get in the tests you set. 

53. Slideshow

A slideshow is a succession of slides that play automatically, creating the effect of a video. It is a very convenient way to share visual content, such as a series of photos.

Turning your Genially presentations into slideshows only takes a couple of clicks. Find out how to do it here.

54. Social link

A social link allows you to group all your links into one. People who access your social link will find interactive buttons to access your different profiles on social networks, your website, your blog, or wherever you want to take them. Did I mention the nifty interactive buttons? Genially’s social link templates are optimized for mobile viewing, and you have plenty to choose from.

55. Social media post

Posts on social networks are much more successful if they are accompanied by visual content: an image, a video, etc. Create them with Genially to do it faster and get spectacular results: there are templates in different formats, which are also optimized for mobile devices. Let your creativity flow, and watch as your followers increase!

56. Storyboard

A storyboard is a sequence of vignettes that form the script of a story. It is a concept that comes from the world of cinema, but is also used in many other fields. This type of visual format is perfect for telling your audience stories and catching their attention. 

57. SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis is your go-to tool if you need to study the state of your company or project in order to determine the most appropriate strategies. In Genially, you’ll find many templates you can use to create a SWOT analysis that’s super visual and attractive. You can add additional information in the background using the interactive elements. 


58. Teaching and learning material

This concept encompasses all the resources used to convey knowledge: learning units, mind maps and concept maps, etc. The best learning material is interactive. This turns learning into an experience and gets learners involved. Can you imagine a 0% dropout rate? 

59. Timeline

When you need to demonstrate the steps of a process or a series of events in chronological order, timelines are ideal. They are very visual and effective in helping to understand the sequence of events. 

An interactive timeline is even more powerful and effective at communicating the information, as you can add more content without affecting the visual design. In this tutorial on how to create a timeline in Genially you can learn how to make yours step by step.

60. Training

Corporate training comprises all the initiatives that are carried out in a company to improve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of its employees. All kinds of training resources can be created with Genially. So, in addition to being interactive and animated, the materials can include content in any format, making training much more fun!


61. Video-presentation

Do you think that producing video content is beyond your capabilities? Wrong! If you can make a genially, you can make a video. Choose the video presentation template you like best, edit it to add your content, and you’re done! You don’t need video skills to blow everyone’s minds.


62. Whitepapers

A whitepaper is a document with detailed information, data, and statistics on a subject. Its purpose is to help those who read it to understand something or solve a problem. 

It doesn’t matter how long your whitepaper is or how complicated the information you convey in it is: if you do it with Genially, it will be easier to make it enjoyable. Interactivity, animation, and an attractive design help you to make the information much easier to understand.

See how many options there are? How about a challenge: can you think of any type of content from the corporate world that is not mentioned in this post? Put it in the comments! 

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade

Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade
Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

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