Introducing Genially’s new identity and positioning

In Genially's new identity, there are tons of interactive adventures, more gamification than ever, new visual elements... Discover the brand's most dynamic identity!
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April 24, 2024


    It’s a momentous occasion. We’re launching Genially’s new identity and positioning, which reflect the evolution of the last few years. Celebrate this milestone with us!

    At Genially, we use the power of technology to make creative opportunities equally available to everyone. Since 2015, we have expanded far beyond our initial goals. We enable millions of trainers, marketers, designers, etc. to create interactive experiences individually and in teams.

    The Genially community has shown us that it is on a continuous journey of discovery and can innovate, change the rules, question the usual methods, and play with creativity to improve the way they work. Now it’s the Genially brand that is adopting these adventurous traits and reimagining its identity.

    ‘This rebranding reflects our continued evolution and commitment to facilitating the transformation of static content into interactive and gamified experiences like never before’.

    Juan Rubio, CEO of Genially

    We’re leaving the traditional ways of teaching and communicating behind and exploring interaction without limits and the freedom to discover. What if a training class or lesson had different routes? What if we tested students with an escape room? The excitement ignites every time we ask ourselves ‘What if…?’. 

    The creative possibilities of Genially are like the multiple paths of an interactive adventure. When we combine interactivity and gamification, we get better results because the audience becomes incredibly active and autonomous exploration is encouraged.

    ‘At an eLearning event in Austin, Texas, we invited over 500 attendees to complete a series of challenges in a breakout game. Nobody asked what the prize was, they just wanted to play. That’s what Genially does’. 

    Luis García, CMO of Genially

    To paraphrase Mary Poppins: In every experience, there should be an element of fun. Simply find the fun and, hey presto! The process is a game. That’s our philosophy. That’s why we integrate gaming elements, such as challenges, rewards, and contests, to make each experience feel like a fun mission. 

    We’ve managed to make gamifying with Genially more and more commonplace in teaching and learning environments, both in schools and educational institutes as well as in companies. This is what moved us to create Genially’s dynamic new identity.

    🎥 Learning is adventuring. What if…?

    Our logo stays the same, but we’re introducing new vibrant elements to go with it.

    An electric palette

    We’ve redefined our corporate colors by opting for tones of great power and contrast: an (almost) black primary tone and an electric purple which we call Akihabara. If you’ve been to Tokyo, this name may ring a bell. The secondary palette aligns us more closely with the world of video games with vibrant tones that create a very visually appealing neon effect. 

    Fonts with personality

    We’re simplifying our fonts and, at the same time, giving them an unmistakable personality. The character and movement of Unbounded make a strong statement in our headlines, while the simplicity of DM Sans becomes the basis of our texts. Both are available in the Genially Editor. 

    More human

    The refreshing, positive energy of the Genially community is more present than ever. We want to use photos that represent diversity. The tool’s interface is also gaining prominence, with the aim of facilitating the understanding our main functions and improving the experience.

    Techno Cartoon

    We’re saying farewell to our illustrated characters, the Allys, to welcome a playful style that’s reminiscent of games and animated series. We’re ushering in new electric and abstract illustrations with thick strokes and organic curves, a retro vibe, and emphasis on the elements that trigger an action, such as buttons, hands, and eyes. We think these are much more suited to digital media.

    This rebranding means a change that goes beyond aesthetics, leading us to also reformulate our mission, vision, and values. We are adapting as only dynamic teams know how. 

    ‘Advances in technology bring us back to the oldest thing in human culture: the connection between people. The content created in Genially amazes with every click, while offering the opportunity to interact with test, quiz, or survey type questions’.

    Chema Roldán, CTO de Genially

    We’ve got a winning combination: content that’s made to be explored and audience interaction to boost engagement rates. If at this point you’re wondering how Genially has evolved, here are some examples: 

    It allows you to edit with little effort. Customize everything in a few clicks, use AI, create accessible content, work in teams in real time (even with students), and import existing content so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

    You can create multisensory experiences with interactions that trigger all kinds of actions: text tooltips, customizable windows, videos, audios, images… The options are infinite; you can even recreate a gaming atmosphere with a countdown or a dice. 

    It’s possible to receive responses to different kinds of questions such as tests for assessing knowledge, quizzes for teaching in a fun, dynamic way, or surveys for collecting opinions. Or a mix of all of them. 

    You can measure the success of your content by observing overall visits and interactions, or individual data such as who’s accessed your creation, for how long, and what they’ve viewed. Information is power. 

    And there’s even more amazing stuff coming down the pike, such as live participant results and a new interface design that will further improve the user experience. 

    This is Genially’s more mature identity. You can access the different elements of this new brand in our press kit.

    The rebranding of Genially has been carried out within the company as an internal project, from the brand audit to the definition of the elements of the new identity and the activation process.

    Creativity and fun have brought us this far. Who knows just how far we can go if we keep exploring. 

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    Meri Millán
    Brand Strategist & Product Marketing Manager

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      1. You know it, Eva! It’s all about finding the fun in every experience.

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    1. My students look forward to new fantastic challenges and learn more easily with Genially.

      1. Glad to hear it, Ksenija 😺 With Genially, learning becomes a fun, interactive experience!

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