Why the Genially and Twitter integration is just amazing

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Genially & Twitter 

Genially and Twitter are two very different tools, but they have some important points in common. BOth are communication tools and share a major priority: effective communication. 

At Genially, content integration has always been a priority because we know it makes people’s lives easier. If we’re already using certain tools and platforms, why can’t we insert them into others? The integration options between Twitter and Genially make it possible to multiply the potential of both tools to take your communication to the next level.

In this post, we’ll take a deeper dive into the relationship between Genially and Twitter to better understand why it’s so great and what can be accomplished with their integration. We’ll show you some stellar examples of what you can achieve through the combined power of Genially and Twitter. Shall we? 

What can you do with this integration?

The options for the Twitter + Genially integration can be divided into two main types. The first is that you can enrich your geniallys by including tweets in your creations. The second is that you can publish your geniallys on Twitter. We’ll take a look at these options:

Inserting geniallys into your tweets:

Among the main goals for a post on any social media platform are getting your audience’s attention and gaining interactions, right?

Inserting a genially into a tweet will make your tweet much more visually enticing, and you’ll be adding opportunities for interaction, which will help you stand out from the crowd.

Check out this example:

To insert a genially in a tweet, you don’t need to have any programming knowledge. Just copy your genially’s url and paste it in the tweet’s text. And that’s it. It couldn’t be easier! You ready to try?

Adding tweets to a genially

The famous saying “an image is worth a thousand words” could easily be applied to tweets.  There are tweets that are incredible expressive and really helpful for illustrating certain kinds of content. 

Adding a tweet to your genially is as simple as copying the tweet’s url and pasting it in the genially tab “Other” in the “Insert” option within the Editor.

The tweet will appear in your genially automatically. And that’s not all; the tweet will continue as a live element with all its interaction options. In other words, viewers will be able to like and retweet it as if they were on Twitter. This works for displaying your tweets on your genially’s pages as well as inserting them into the windows that appear when you click on an interactive element.

All up to date!

There are already millions and millions of Genially creations. Can you imagine what it would be like to update all their information one by one?

Thanks to the Twitter & Genially integration, you can keep the information updated without needing to change anything manually.

In Twitter the latest version of your geniallys will be shown once you’ve inserted them once, even if you’ve made changes to your creations. Your audience will be able to access all the information on demand by hovering their cursor over the buttons or clicking on them. On Genially’s side, all of the likes and retweets received by the tweets you’ve inserted in your geniallys will be automatically updated along with the comments and feedback from your audience.

So, if you insert the timeline from any Twitter account, your genially will always be up to date. All the new tweets that account publishes will appear automatically within your genially.

Useful, right? Integrating tools like Twitter and Genially, you won’t need to worry about updating your information, and you’ll be able to keep your content looking sharp and organized.

3. Use Cases

Inserting your geniallys in Twitter will lead to more shares of your content, helping you reach a larger audience. It works regardless of the topic you want to write about and your communication goals. You can include an infographic, presentation, or dossier to share information, give out educational resources, entertain, or pitch a business proposal. 

The Zarzuela Theater’s Twitter account uses Genially to share news and important information. In the tweet below, you’ll find a game created with Genially to present this season’s program:

Another way to get the most out of this integration is by sharing an interactive catalog of your products. You can make it in Genially and insert it in a tweet. Check out this example:

In this use case, the automatic updating of the catalog is essential. You can change the prices or information about product availability: the Twitter community will always see the latest version of your creation.

Another example: the Red Cross of Andalusia’s Twitter shares this genially with its community to provide information about the dangers of cyber gender violence.

Inserting a tweet in a genially will also help you show what the community has to say about a given topic or use your geniallys to encourage participation in a Twitter conversation. Remember that it’s possible to interact with tweets without leaving Genially.

Are you familiar with other use cases for the Genially & Twitter integration? Tell us about them in the comments!

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade
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