We’ve arrived at the 2020 GESA Awards’ Grand Finale: Global recognition for EdTech startups

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May 9, 2023


    What makes the start of each year so special for tech companies dedicated to improving education? The Global EdTech Startups Awards are a big part of the answer.

    A few months ago we found out which of the EdTech Startups that had presented their project to the Global EdTech Startups Awards had made it to the final round. Now, in just a few days, we’ll know which startups have won the 2020 awards.

    The Grand Finale at Genially!

    Next Wednesday, January 20th, the grand finale of the Global Edtech Startup Awards, better known as the GESAwards, will take place online. We’ll be able to watch the finals from the comfort of a Genially environment. These awards make up the major competition of the year among EdTech companies and winning them results in recognition on an international scale; that’s why it’s a thrill for us to be able to host the event on  

    A project initiated by MindCET (Israel), GESA was cofounded by Open Education Challenge (EU) and EdTech UK in 2014. Today, more than 3,500 startups from around the world have presented their project at the GESAwards for the opportunity to be recognized internationally and named the most promising EdTech Startup of the year.

    In addition to promoting the best emerging edtech companies, the GESAwards help form local EdTech ecosystems, through the connection to a global market and the service of assessing new ideas. As such, the GESAwards have become an important player in promoting innovative EdTech solutions that solve real problems in education.

    Needless to say, last year began with great news for us: Genially won Best Startup of the Future in the London finals. The excitement felt by those present at the event, the entire team and the global community of Genially is something we still remember.

    Attendance at this year’s finals will be online. You can register for free here

    Ganadores BETT Genially

    2021: The year of consolidation of the new digital era

    No one one disputes the importance of the steps taken towards a better and more effective use of Information and Communication Technology in the classroom, also known as ICT, in the last decade.

    This trend towards use of technology in the classroom has been highly influenced by what many call the most revolutionary year of this century; 2020 has quickly activated new learning environments, making the digital divide more obvious than ever.

    Education deserves to be interactive

    Remote Learning

    Covid-19 and the evident consequences of the pandemic have led the education community to revise the conventional role of teachers, to take a giant step towards a more digital learning environment, and to prioritize new digital systems, resources, and learning tools.

    Digital practices go much further than simply distributing electronic devices in classrooms or at home, although this is certainly necessary for the success of other goals. Taking the step from in-person and tactile learning to digital learning requires that we take a good look at how to integrate and insert digital tools into the class setting as well as revisit concepts such as participation, imagination and, of course, classroom innovation.

    New significant changes will need to be made to teacher training, many of which have already started being implemented including new ways of teaching and learning and support for tools that make the learning process simpler in any environment. Helping pioneer these changes are the many startups from the EdTech sector that will present their projects at the GESAwards to share their contributions.

    GESAwards & Genially

    Both the GESAwards and Genially work daily to further the goal of instructing, educating, and communicating differently and effectively through technology; the former offers an international stage and financial resources and support while the latter supplies resources and innovative platforms.

    As winners of the last GESAwards, this year at Genially we’ve wanted to join in supporting the project as the platform where the finals will be hosted online. In this genially you can learn all about the GESAawards before the finals begin.

    As you can see, this microsite interactively introduces all of the events’ important components. What do you think of the platform we’ve prepared for the finals?

    As winners of last year ‘s awards, we wanted to offer something of value to the participants of the 2020 GESAwards. Therefore, we’ve decided to give all the participants a Genially Master Plan and a Team Plan to the winning startup along with personalized graphic design support from Genially. Awesome, right?

    If anything is clear, it’s that the digital revolution in education is here to stay. Through innovation, new instruction techniques, and the tools available to us, we’ll be able to rise up and meet all the challenges that lie ahead of us with confidence.

    Don’t miss the grand finale of the 2020 GESAwards on January 20th and… start your year off right!

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