9 Genially & Google integrations that will make your life easier

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Genially & Google

At Genially we have a close relationship with Google, which, as you know, is much more than a search engine. Millions of people work each day with the Google Workspace. Are you one of them? Don’t miss this. In this post we’ll cover all the Google & Genially integrations to discover new and more productive ways to use our trusted tools.

The integrations between the two tools multiply their benefits, making your tasks much easier. Discover all the ways to combine them to achieve stunning results.

What can you do with this integration?

Here are some of the options that are most popular among our awesome community:

1. Sign up and log in to Genially with your Google account

If you have a Google account, creating your Genially account will be simple. Just go to Genially and click on “Sign up with Google.” You’ll be done in the blink of an eye! You will be able to start creating in a matter of seconds. Plus, signing up through Google will make logging in even simpler in the future.

2. Share your genially in Google Classroom 

If you use Google Classroom, managing and enriching your classes with interactive teaching materials is super simple.

There is a direct button to insert your geniallys in Google Classroom; you don’t even need the link to your genially. When you go to share it, you’ll see the option in the Other tab. Just log in to your Google Classroom account and select which class you want the content to appear in. Quick and easy, what more could we ask for?

Ah! You want it even easier? Alright then! With the Genially Google Classroom Add-on, you can add all the creations you’ve made in Genially directly to Google Classroom.

You’ll no longer have to navigate between both platforms to add and share content made in Genially to your assignments, classes, and activities. 

This is great for teachers, because they won’t have to be logged into Genially to add their content to Classroom. And it’s great for students too! Because they’ll be able to see their assigned Genially creations and content without leaving Classroom. Smiles all around!

If you’d like to know more about the Genially Add-on for Google Classroom, check out this learning pill in  the Genially Academy.

3. Insert Google Drive content in your genially

Do you also use Google Drive to organize your work or save resources? We approve! It’s helpful to say the least.

Inserting any content saved in your Drive into your geniallys couldn’t be easier.

It will allow you to store tons of content in different formats all in one place. This will help you work more efficiently and will make it easier for your audience to digest your content without getting distracted. Without the integration, sharing a YouTube video would require you to send your audience over to Youtube, risking that they don’t return to the place they were previously at in your genially. The integration allows them to view your YouTube video without ever leaving your genially.

You can include the content on a page of your genially or in the windows opened by clicking on its interactive buttons.

If you want to insert images or videos, you’ll be able to do so with a button that lets you load them directly from Drive. Just click on it and choose the file you want to use.

To insert any other content from Drive, you’ll find the instructions in your Panel. You’ll be able to insert documents, forms, Google sheets, videos, etc. Don’t worry. You’ll just need a simple copy and paste. It doesn’t get easier than that!

4. Insert a map from Google Maps 

Google Maps is one of Google’s most popular tools. Did you know that more than a billion people use it? 

Learning how to insert a map from Google Maps into your genially will only take you a minute. Inserting it is even faster; learn how with this tutorial.

5. Insert a location on Google Street View

If you’re a regular user of Google Street View, you know that it allows you to see a real view of any location on Google Maps. Inserting a location from Street View into a genially has lots of practical applications: from showing monuments and landscapes in an educational context to displaying your business’s building or a storefront window. Try it out!

6. Embed a genially on a website with Google sites

Google Sites is a  Google tool for creating websites. It has some big advantages given that it’s free, but it’s generally pretty basic. Inserting a genially onto your Google Site  will help compensate for its design limitations and settings, and it will improve your site’s appearance as well as your viewers’ experience.

7. Insert a Google calendar in your genially

Another great idea! Use Genially and Google Calendar to share your events more effectively. Your viewers will be able to interact with the calendar. Plus, it’s incredibly practical given that any modifications made to the event will also be accounted for; viewers will always be shown the latest version.

Here’s a tutorial that explains how to do so step by step.

8. Show a YouTube video on a page or in an interactive window

Adding YouTube videos will allow you to enrich your content with your audience’s preferred format. This option has its own button within the Genially Panel. It’s so easy to use, it’ll feel like magic.

You can have a video displayed on a page of your genially as well as within an interactive window; how to make each of those options happen is different. You can learn how with the tutorial in the link below.

9. Create better graphs and charts quickly

Do you need to make graphs and charts? There are two ways to take advantage of this integration:

  • Embed a graph or chart from Google Sheets: like any Google content, graphs and charts can also be inserted into a genially. We explain how here.
  • Create graphs and charts from Google Sheets spreadsheet data: Still haven’t used Genially’s graph and chart maker? If you’re used to using this kind of resource in your content, take a look at this post; we’re sure you’ll get a lot out of it. Genially’s graphs and charts are interactive, animated, and impressive. If you have the data for your graph or chart in a Google sheet, just copy and paste them into Genially’s graph and chart maker, following the steps shown in the tutorial above. Genially will do the rest!

Use Cases

As you’ve seen, there are tons of ways to use this integration, starting with logging into Genially using Google’s single sign on. The integrations between Google and Genially will help each time you’re looking to share your content in the most impressive and effective way possible and enrich it with different kinds of media like YouTube videos and Drive files.

If you work in education or training, you can make all your content available to your students and clients by organizing it all in one or more geniallys. This will also allow you to get the most out of interactivity and animation effects to make your materials more engaging and motivating.

Organizing all the content you have saved in your Google Drive within a genially won’t just make it look better; it’ll also make it easier to share. Just send out the genially’s url or share it in Google Classroom. In a few clicks, you’ll be able to make your content available to your audience.

If you’re in the business world, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Genially & Google integrations to improve the results achieved with your corporate content. You can insert a map in your genially when making a microsite with information about an event or store. No one will get lost along the way!

Event presentation template

More ideas: the Google Calendar integration in Genially will help you better organize your time. Say goodbye to all the email notifications to confirm and re-confirm changes in meeting times. Just insert your calendar in a genially along with the rest of your relevant information, share the link, and you’re all set.

Your meetings will be much more effective when you use Genially for your visual aids. If you’re used to using the Google Workspace for your job, you’ll be able to share your files and documents in no time. You’ll have your graphics and charts ready in less time, and they’ll be more attractive thanks to their interactivity and animations.

Can you think of an integration that would make your work easier that we haven’t mentioned? Tell us about it in the comments. We’ll keep it in mind!

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