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Hang on… Some people seriously still think being a teacher is as simple as walking into the classroom and giving class? ‘Teachers have it so easy; you just have to open the books and follow the lesson’. Ha!

Teachers of the world, you know your work is much more than showing up, standing in front of the class, and talking. We know you spend lots of time designing and thinking about new strategies and the best activities for your students. And all without taking your eyes off the (increasingly famous) active methodologies and all that educational transformation involves.

So let’s say this loud and clear: you deserve an awesome all-rounder educational tool for your classes! A tool with which to create the most motivating materials possible. An online platform for teachers that has your students in mind, makes things easier, and frees up more time so you can take care of what matters to you most: offering meaningful and personalized learning experiences that get the best out of every student.

Think that’s asking for a lot? Well it’s not. We need simple and effective solutions to transform education and prepare students to adapt to a society in constant evolution. That’s exactly what Genially is for.

Whether you’re giving classes in person, online, or using a blended model, Genially will be your daily ally for creating interactive and personalized learning materials (or even getting your students to create their own). It’s super simple and you don’t need any programming skills.

Want your students to feel motivated and have fun? We’ll tell you how teachers around the world use Genially to achieve just that.

Use Genially to teach the class

When it comes to teaching your students, do you like to make your own teaching materials and resources but you don’t have a lot of time? With Genially you can quickly and easily create all kinds of digital teaching materials and resources and personalize them according to the subject and the age and interests of your students.

How? By choosing one of the 1,000+ templates created just for you. Just take a look in the template gallery, choose one, customize it, and off you go. In just a few clicks you have a genially ready to wow your classes.

What can you create? The short answer is: EVERYTHING. The longer answer is: unit plans, presentations and video presentations, concept and mind maps, infographics, interactive images, timelines, comics, comparatives, portfolios… and the list goes on.

Your students will learn in a more visual way and will retain the information better by seeing the most relevant content clearly laid out before them. What’s more, something that never fails is to make the materials interactive so that students explore and get more involved (remember: our brain needs to get excited to learn). By adding interactivity, you can add as much information and as many resources as you like (images, videos, links, text, etc.) and layer it all in the same place to catch their attention and avoid distractions.

We can promise you 2 things:

  1. You’ll capture the attention of your students in the first minute.
  2. It’ll be so quick and easy that you won’t want to stop creating educational resources. The teaching community that uses Genially can confirm.

And if you integrate all your lovely new materials into an interactive lesson, your students will never want to stop learning. Think creating interactive materials and lessons is hard? With Genially’s templates, you’ll have everything organized to allow you to design your interactive resources in the easiest way possible.

Use Genially to gamify and energize the class

Boredom in your classes? NEVER!

Incorporate game dynamics and gamified resources into your classes. Encourage your students to get involved in a mission, make decisions, and solve problems through breakouts and escape rooms. Invite them to reinforce the main concepts with a fun game of jeopardy or a quiz, or even a traditional board game but in digital format!

With Genially, you can adapt any game template to any level or subject (yep, even math!). And, lots of Genially’s gamification templates include a reward system (with points, levels, badges, etc.) to incentivize students to persevere and improve.

But perhaps the best thing about gamifying and learning through play is that it allows students to share the fun and strengthen their personal relationships. It reinforces a sense of community and trust in others, in an environment that promotes experimentation, giving less importance to errors.

Grab your students attention

Do you find it hard to grab your students’ attention and boost their curiosity when starting a new topic? Introduce it with a game that’s themed with something they love. Want your students to revise material in a more fun way? There’s nothing like a game or competition like the ones they see on TV to get them excited. Want to promote skills like critical thinking and collaboration? Get them to solve an interactive escape room together.

And so on, to infinity and beyond.

At Genially we are big fans of simplicity; that’s why we’ve got everything all ready for you so that gamifying your classes is as quick and easy as frying an egg. Just choose the template you like best and replace its elements, image, and text with your own. The structure and dynamic of the game are already set up so you can simply press play and get the fun started!

Use Genially to give students practice

‘I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.’

If Confucius had been born in this century, he would’ve used Genially. We don’t have proof, but we’re pretty sure. It fosters a maker culture in classrooms and allows your students to stimulate their creativity by making their own resources and materials, such as journals, reviews, reports, portfolios, interactive images, posters, blogs, etc.

The final bell will ring and they won’t want to leave. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

As well as improving their digital competencies, they’ll put their higher-order thinking skills into practice, by analyzing and evaluating different ideas and information to create their own interactive content.

And, speaking of evaluating, how about giving a new twist to the usual old tests. With Genially, you can design different types of quizzes and closed-response activity blocks: choose from true or false activities, multiple choice, memory, spot the difference, and much more.

Quizzes, as well as being a great resource for revising, reinforcing, and checking knowledge before an assessment, have the added benefit of banishing nerves and stress when students are faced with this type of dynamic. If you also include feedback to help them reflect on their responses, you’re winning.

Use Genially to plan and manage your classes

With all the things you can create with Genially to help you bring active methodologies and meaningful learning to your students, wouldn’t it be great if you could also create materials and resources to plan and manage your classes?

Leave nothing to chance and plan your class dynamics in the simplest and most visual way possible. In a learning guide, you can specify the learning objectives, content, methodologies, skills required, and assessment criteria. As it’s online and interactive, your students will be able to consult it whenever they need.

You can even create geniallys for the class rules, routines, schedules, weekly plan, etc. It’s a great way to improve communication with your students and make them more autonomous and responsible for their learning.

Whether you work with learning landscapes, project-based learning, or a flipped classroom model, in Genially you’ll find templates designed to make all the challenges ahead of you run smoothly.

To complete the cycle, you can tackle assessment time with rubrics, learning targets, and other documents which include their achievements and take into account cognitive aspects as well as procedural and behavioral. Share these with your students and see how it ups their independence and capacity for auto-evaluation. And, as you can keep editing it whenever you need to, it’ll always be updated and can be adapted to your students’ progress.

You can start creating great learning materials for your students today. As soon as you know what you want to teach, the learning objectives, and the methodology you’re going to use, it’s as easy as choosing the template you like best and putting your own spin on it. It’s so very easy that your students will want to create their own geniallys. What we don’t know is who’s going to have more fun interacting with Genially, you or your students.

Teaching and gamifying classes, students applying and practicing what they’ve learned, and planning your day-to-day activities: with Genially, it’s all possible (and fun!).

Feel like creating some amazing educational resources? Head on over to Genially!.

Ruth martin, autora en Genially Blog
Ruth Martín

If you don’t get it wrong from time to time, it means you’re not learning enough

Ruth Martín
Ruth Martín
If you don’t get it wrong from time to time, it means you’re not learning enough

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  1. I’m planning a pbl for my 9th graders to work on their own escape room and I wonder if you have any criteria or instructions made by fellow teachers?

    1. Hi Rivi ! Here you have an article that may help you:

      And this learning pill from the Genially Academy with tips to create awesome escape rooms:

      We hope this helped
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