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Staying on top of the trends of the moment like Halloween is great, but dedicating hours and hours (and even days) to creating content for the occasion, that’s properly scary, don’t you think?

Not to worry… it’s Genially to the rescue! With these creative and interactive Halloween templates, you’ll be able to create amazing content in less time than you think. Wouldn’t you like to create something different and leave the same old content behind for once and for all? The interactive content you’ll create with these Genially templates won’t look like anything you’ve seen before. It’s exactly what you need to really impress your audience and leave them wanting more.

To the famous question ‘trick or treat?’, this Halloween we are adding ‘mystery presentation or witchcraft infographic?’. Or perhaps ‘terrifying escape room or scary quiz?’. In any case, here are 10 awesome templates (8 of which are free!) to make sure you’re a trendsetter when it comes to celebrating Halloween this year.

Terrifying presentations 

Halloween presentation

This animated and interactive Halloween template has everything you need to keep eyes glued to the screen. Its design is more effective than any spell! 

Harry Potter presentation

Expecto Patronum! With this template you’ll be able to ward off the dementors and bewitch your audience like Harry Potter at his best. You’ll also find a similar infographic in your Panel. Multiply happy memories with your memorable content.

Mystery Series presentation

If you’re a fan of the successful Netflix series Stranger Things, you’ll probably have thought at some point that it’s a great theme for celebrating Halloween. Here is a template for an interactive presentation that’s full of photography, music, and other resources with that distinct 80s aesthetic. And all in two main colors which will catch everyone’s eyes: red and black.

Video presentation 

How about instead of creating a presentation you create your own animated video for Halloween? With this template you don’t need to know how to edit videos. It’s all ready for you to simply insert your content and create an amazing video with spooky effects and illustrations, in less time than you’d think. Just as easy as creating any other kind of genially.

Scary infographics

Halloween infographic 

This Halloween template is sure to attract everyone’s attention. Try organizing the information into different points so it’s easier to remember. There are various illustrations to choose from. and even a vertical version of this template which works great for mobile!

Witchcraft infographic 

You know that famous Halloween chant: ‘Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble’? If so, you must be a fan of spells and witchcraft, so this infographic template is made for you. Eye of bat, and lizard’s spleen, use this template to win Halloween!

Escape rooms to outrun the ghosts 

Haunted house escape game

It’s Halloween night and 4 people are trapped in a haunted house. This escape game’s mission will get your audience using their heads and make sure it’s an experience they won’t forget. First they have to find a master key and then they have to solve some puzzles with the help of the clues.

Halloween escape room

Trick or treat? People participating in this escape game will have to go from house to house. Each challenge is an opportunity to review any content that needs revising and… to win candy! I’m sure they’ll win them all!

Witchcraft escape room

No one can fight the curse of this escape room which will have everyone spellbound from the first minute. They’ll need all their skills to master the dark arts and pass all the tests.

Halloween Quiz

Halloween quiz

Spiders, skulls, bats, ghostly hands… With this template it’s super easy to create a terrifying, interactive quiz. Participation and fun guaranteed!

Bonus: Are you more into celebrating the Day of the Dead? Here’s a template to create a spectacular Day of the Dead quiz! In this post you’ll find loads more resources to celebrate it in all its colors. You can even create your own Mexican altar.

Want even more ideas? Find more great Halloween templates and resources by typing ‘Halloween’, ‘pumpkin’ or ‘horror’ in the search bar of your Panel. There are flyers, posters, invitations, interactive cards… This Halloween you’ll be setting trends with your content.

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