Creating An Interactive Infographic

3 minutes
Written by: Aili
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Let’s look at the five steps we have to take to show content in a way that is understandable and captivating for your audience: 

Adapt the tone and the message, keeping your objective in mind. 

Consider your target audience, analyzing their characteristics and typology: general public, youth, experts, age range, interests, … Opt for using terms that are easy for your audience, and that will convert your creation into a useful and legible document. This is going to help you plan your objectives and make sure that your infographic effectively meets them. 

If you don’t know how to do this, you can put yourself in the shoes of your audience by creating an empathy map like this one, whose template you can find in Genially. You’ll definitely see everything more clearly.

Choose your media and collect the information.

Find or elaborate the texts, graphics, illustrations, or content that you want to include on your infographic. A good infographic should be understandable without needing to read text. That is to say, the text should complement our ideas, but shouldn’t be the main point of focus. The templates and resources available to you on Genially will be a great help to you when it comes to creating your infographic, reducing the time it takes as well as optimizing the results. 

Structure the content.

Since they contain so much information, it’s important that infographics are clearly structured. They will have 3 different areas:

  1. An introduction with a title and a short paragraph.
  2. The body, which will be where the densest part of the information will be found. Here is where the visual part is most relevant. 
  3. Finally, the closing or conclusion, which will also act as a summary, or a call to action for your audience, or showing a key point from the infographic in a simplified way.

To make the task of structuring easier, we recommend that you use one of the infographic templates. In Genially you have more than 300 templates for creating infographics. Dive into the sea of ready-to-use creations and ensure successful communication.

Organize the information hierarchically.

One of the keys to making your infographic easily digestible is by correctly organizing the information hierarchically. For this, the interactivity together with the animation will be our allies. 

Interactivity helps our information to be more engaging as well as more easily understandable and digestible.

Animation strengthens this hierarchy of content while also directing our attention. This helps improve memorization and therefore how our content will be remembered, whether it’s a lesson, a product we want to sell, or a news story that we want to share with our audience. 

Genially is full of both, so without a doubt it is your tool if you are looking to create amazing infographics. 

Show the world your creation.

When you have everything ready, it’s time to send your creation into space. If you utilize the right formats and tools, it’ll be easy for you to reach your goals. 

With Genially, you can share directly online, without needing to download anything, with a unique link that you can use to share on whatever digital platform as well as embed wherever you need.

Infographic examples and templates

Here you can find some examples of infographics created with Genially. We are sure they will inspire you to create your own creative infographics

Vertical infographic

Here you have a vertical infographic template, perfect for startups:

Horizontal infographic

Finally, here you have the creation that we made live during our webinar on infographics.

Infographic resume

Timeline infographic

If you want to see it, you can do so here and on our Youtube channel. We do webinars periodically, so remember to subscribe to enjoy them live and keep up with all the new videos.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post in which we have seen how to create amazing interactive infographics. With an attractive structure, our content will be understandable and so loved by our audience that they will want to share them with the world

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through social media or by commenting on this post

Greetings from the whole team at Genially. Until next time!

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