Integration: A tool that fits so many more

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Written by: Aili
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Let me guess… in your day to day you use, at least, a dozen digital tools for all kinds of tasks. There are tools made for communication, content creation, entertainment and even some that tell you the best moment to go to the bathroom while you’re watching a movie at the theater.

It’s clear that the digital revolution has arrived, to the point where it’s hard for us to imagine what our lives would be like without technology. Terms like digital integration and embedding are increasingly used, but do we really know what they mean? And more importantly, do we know how to use them?

Integration: A tool that fits so many more

What counts as integration?

When we talk about integration, we’re referring to the ability that digital tools have to insert other software into the tools themselves. What do we achieve in doing so? We are able to make the user’s experience easier and stagger information to make it easier to take in and understand. Thanks to integration, you’ll be able to bring the content you always use to life and have its information up-to-date.

Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more
Integration: A tool that fits so many more

In Genially, integration has been a priority from the start. We want all of our users to feel comfortable creating interactive content and integrating all the digital tools they use daily such as PDF readers, social media tools or media players into it.

Imagine that you want your audience to learn a new fantastic recipe. Not only will you give them text, which is what they’d find in a book, but you’ll also be able to add a video from Youtube where you explain the process, a 3D view of the dish, a map of where in the world the dish comes from, an Amazon shopping list of the ingredients, a graphic with the nutritional information and a GIF of Rachel Ray plating your food.

Do you want to know everything that you can integrate and insert with Genially? I’m not going to tell you. I’m going to show you.

These are some examples of what you can integrate with Genially

Integration with Multimedia Elements


These are some examples of multimedia integrations, but there are many more available to you. Tools like Soundcloud, Kahoot, Vimeo and more can be integrated into your geniallys seamlessly.

Integration with Office Tools

—Google Docs—

If you’re not a pro with office tools, don’t worry because apart from Microsoft tools, you can use others like Google Forms, Slideshare, Google Drive and Infogram.

Integration with Social Media


Of course, you’ll be able to integrate all kinds of communication tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Dribbble and many more…

Integration with other Digital Tools


Incredible, right? Still, these aren’t the only tools you can integrate with Genially. The list goes on and on: Tumblr, Amazon, Sketchfab (3D), Mailchimp and, of course… you can integrate other geniallys!

Integration: A tool that fits so many more

“Talent perceives differences; genius, unity.” –William Butler Yeats–

And plus…

As you can see, we’ve shown you many brilliant examples of integrations within a window or tooltip. Did you know that you can also insert them directly onto the canvas?

In many cases, embedding onto the canvas is even easier than inserting into a window. Still, in most cases, we’ll choose the option of embedding into a window. Know why? Because we’ll achieve a cleaner final result by including interactive elements with content waiting inside of them. Like a babushka doll of information!

5 genius Tips about integration

Still not convinced about the huge advantages of integrating? Here are 5 key pointers which will allow you to surprise even the most skeptical:

You can integrate almost any tool with an iframe code

You won’t have any problems embedding your favorite tools. In most cases, just paste the code, and Genially will take care of the rest ?

Combine and include various integration types at once

Create your own mix and be surprised by how different tools interact and work together. What about an interactive image with a Twitter feed inserted into it?

Use the best tool for each type of information

You’ll have different tools for creating each kind of content: text, images, video, etc. Use the one that best fits with what you want to communicate.

Enrich your content with integration by layers

If interactivity offers you just one thing, it’s the ability to enrich your content without needing to “stain” your creation. Embedding one kind of content into another will allow you to keep your information clean and structured.

Achieve stunning results like this:

But this doesn’t end here…

The digital transformation era is making companies see that the static guidelines that used to control their markets are crumbling. Evolution is arriving, and with it, so is integration. With this in mind, just as you can integrate many tools in Genially, your geniallys can also be integrated and inserted into your favorite tools like Moodle, OneNote, Canvas and Twitter. All for one, and one tool for all!

Now it’s your turn. Do you think that integration supports healthy competition among digital tools? Do you believe it’s important that users have the ability to integrate their favorite tools into others? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section or on social media, and don’t forget to share this post if you’ve found it useful.

Remember, if you have questions about integration or anything else, use the hashtag #AskGenially on social media, and we’ll answer you.

Greetings from the Genially Team…
and may creativity be with you!
Edtech and music enthusiast
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