Interactive content: The stars of effective and unforgettable communication

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It’s a fact: the way we communicate has evolved. Interactive and animated content has found its way into our daily lives. Stickers, interactive presentations, infographics, GIFs… They’re everywhere!  

This means that effective communication in the 21st century needs updating in order to adapt to the requirements of today’s society. Want to discover the key to communicating effectively? Move with the times; evolve towards the communication of the present with interactive content. 

What is interactive content?

Interactive content includes elements that allow people to interact with it, such as buttons, links, etc. When you add interactivity to your content, you give your audience the opportunity to explore and you awaken their curiosity. 

Interactivity appeals to the human nature of exploratory gatherers. It encourages a desire to know more, to delve into something new, and to investigate. People relate to interactive content in the same way we relate to one another in the real world: in an immersive way.

How can you use Genially to keep your content current? 

Genially allows you to apply interactivity in many different ways: using tooltips, windows, connections between pages, links, etc. This creates an environment that helps to contextualize information while also capturing attention, increasing engagement, carving out a place in your audience’s memory, and boosting critical thinking and creativity.

How to create interactive content with Genially

Images, videos, infographics for media… With the tool that invites you to dive into no-code creation, you can turn any type of content into something interactive. Simply select any element of your creation and add interactivity to it, or select an interactive element. Here’s a tutorial on how to configure interactivity that’s bound to come in handy.

Need to save (even more) time? Allow us to suggest four great creations with which you can unleash your creativity through interactivity and really wow your audience:

  • Interactive image

This is a very useful creation for conveying ideas quickly and concisely. The interactive elements are the main event. A picture is worth a thousand words and this one… is priceless. 


Women’s Day: Virginia Woolf

  • Interactive Presentation

If you want your speech to become an awesome and entertaining interactive communication experience, try this presentation template for case studies or customer stories. You won’t be disappointed.  


Case study

  • Interactive Guide

The perfect format for explaining, teaching, or compiling content with very different sections and making them look like the sections of a website. The interactive guide is an ideal format for creating immersive experiences for your audience. Take a look at this Customer service manual. Captivating, right? 


Customer service manual

  • Infographic

If infographics could sing, they would sing ‘I Have Nothing (if I don’t have you)’ by Whitney Houston to interactivity. Today it is essential for a graphic to have interactive elements that clarify and expand on information. Try out this world map and knock everyone’s socks off.


Map data-vis

The evolution of content toward interactivity

How has content evolved? Cave paintings, written language, photography, and audiovisual content have all been necessary stages and links for laying the foundations of present-day communication.

The speed and quantity of information that we receive throughout the day challenge our ability to process and assimilate it completely. This is the age of the explosion of digital information and there is no doubt that the way in which we obtain information has changed. Without realizing it, we have evolved from traditional reading to a strategy based on navigation, like Captain Nemo. The objective is to deliver information in a quick, intuitive, and non-linear way. Everything at a glance!

Audiences look for content that stands out and is different, that conveys information in a brief, scaled, and entertaining way, and that they can easily share with their social circle. 

Is interactive content right for your audience?

Interactivity adds value to your creations. There’s no denying it. If you make content, make it interactive! Here are some of the benefits, depending on your sector: 

  • In education: Interactivity allows your students to become the protagonists of a movie called ‘learning’. Design lessons with teaching units full of learning landscapes. Create an explorable, adaptable, and flexible environment that your class will be happy to be a part of, and try adding interactivity to a historical photograph or a cross-section of a lab instrument. The possibilities are endless!
  • In the world of marketing: Engage your audience with real interactive experiences. Launch your website or blog with infographics, interactive images, quizzes, lists, etc., and monitor how your audience connects with the content to optimize it and adapt it to their needs. 
  • In any organization: Make interactivity your secret weapon for creating the most spectacular, visual, and effective content you’ve ever created. You can turn a product photograph into an interactive catalog, create reports that fire up your audience’s brains, create captivating infographics… Whatever you need to take your content to the next level and engage your audience!

5 reasons to create interactive content

Still not sure? Here are five reasons to start applying interactivity to your creations now:

  1. Engage your audience

Your audience will be actively involved in the communication and engagement will increase. Make sure your message captivates the audience.

  1. Communicate effectively

Interactive layers help to break the information into chunks to make it easier to digest. When you transform concepts into interactive content, everyone will be able to explore it for themselves. Take communication to a whole new level.

  1. Make it unforgettable

Make your messages meaningful and help them stick in the audience’s minds. By creating an immersive environment with interactive content, your audience can browse through the creation, making it much easier for them to remember concepts for longer. 

  1. Create new connections

Leave classic, linear visual structures behind. Interactivity allows you to generate creative, innovative, and multidirectional designs in which the connections between ideas flow. Enhance visual communication and reinforce your message quickly and intuitively. 

  1. Show, don’t tell

Interactivity helps you convey your ideas in a narrative way, like in a story. Create universes of knowledge through interactive content and allow your audience to navigate through a world full of stories. Applying storytelling techniques is a piece of cake thanks to interactivity.

Have you created interactive content with Genially? Is this your first time? Let us know in the comments!

Margarita González del Hierro
Margarita González del Hierro
Biologist, Designer, Maker and Teacher. Specialized in Scientific Communication. I combine my passions working as VP of Creative Sector.

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