10 interactive Facebook post ideas that promote healthy engagement

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February 12, 2024


Did you know there are more than 60 million business pages active on Facebook? With so many brands competing for your audience’s attention, you’ll need some seriously amazing posts to stand out from your competitors. 

Fortunately, improving your Facebook audience reach can be a breeze with the right interactive Facebook post ideas! 

If you’re looking for a way to increase website traffic and engage with your audience through your Facebook marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered. Follow along to learn 10 interactive Facebook post ideas that are sure to maximize your engagement. 

1. Tell a story

Audiences love genuine and honest content. What’s more, being personable and relatable on your social media pages actually encourages emotional connections with your audience. 

As you can imagine, the more a customer is attached to you as a brand, the higher your chances are of retaining that consumer as a loyal, ongoing customer. 

Tell the story of the inspiration behind your product, share a customer’s experience (with permission, of course), or let consumers in on a personal level with your own story! Check out our blog on digital storytelling for more info and ideas.


Equality interactive card

2. Ask questions

This simple tip for Facebook interactive posts can be added to any post format with ease. 

Interactive marketing is the marketing strategy that is based on two-way communication between brands and their audience. By asking a question in your post, you encourage your audience to get involved in the conversation and interact with your brand. This increases your chances of boosting your Facebook audience reach and ensures you stay relevant in that consumer’s feed. 

You can structure your post as a question on its own, or include this question at the end of your story or other post. If you’re worried about not getting any responses, ask your staff, friends, or family to leave a comment and get the ball rolling. 

3. Participate in trending conversations

Everyone loves to give their two cents on trending topics. If there’s an event or popular trend happening online, hop on board and share it to your pages as well. 

Of course, you’ll want to ensure your post is still in line with your branding and niche. Fortunately, sharing your own spin on a popular TikTok dance or piping in on a discussion is usually easy to brand. Just ensure you aren’t broaching subjects that are too controversial or could get you in trouble with your audience and business standards. 


Father’s day interactive card

4. Share inspiring quotes/images

Not every post needs to promote your products or even drive website traffic. If you’re looking to build relationships with your audience, consider incorporating inspiring posts into your Facebook marketing strategy. 

Everyone loves a feel-good quote or pick-me-up image, especially in the age of lockdowns and discouraging Covid statistics. Content curation is important here, however, to make sure you’re sharing the right balance of content that’s relevant and useful, and interests your community.

Share a quote that inspires you, and let the uplifting message do the rest!


Dancer in motion

5. Direct to your blog

Your blog posts are already designed to engage and educate, so why not leverage this interesting content on your social media pages. 

For best results, pull a quote or section from your blog that peaks interest and makes navigating to learn more irresistible for your audience. 

As a bonus, directing traffic to your latest blog post can encourage Google to crawl and index your page faster so you can increase your reach on the SERPs too!

6. Behind the scenes

As we mentioned above, your audience loves to see personable content. What better way to deliver what they want than a behind-the-scenes video or image. 

Whether it’s a glimpse of a new product before release or a sneak peek of your office shenanigans, viewers love to see what you’ve really got going on and will eat. it. up.

7. Fill in the blank

This interactive post idea is nearly impossible to pass by in your daily Facebook feed. The simple concept involves posting a statement with a blank for your customers to fill in!

This gives them the chance to participate in the conversation with just one or two words! Of course, many followers will expand on their answers, providing you with the perfect chance for continued engagement. However, for those who aren’t big ‘talkers’ on socials, the easy cue will be fun and unintimidating! 

8. Polls or quizzes

Comments and likes aren’t the only way to boost your engagement. With so many options to make your posts more interactive, why not take advantage of using polls or quizzes on your Facebook posts?

These fun posts encourage your audience to get involved and even share the content with their friends and family – especially if the content is interesting or educational. 

Create a quiz that leads consumers to realize they need your product or keep it fun and light to build relationships and establish that emotional connection. 


Cinema quiz

9. Host a contest

Contests are like content gold for social media. This is because you can use them to leverage a number of engagement activities and grow your Facebook following in record time. 

Set your competition rules to include liking the post, commenting with a friend’s name, sharing, and even liking your page to ensure you get the most engagement possible. Once your followers have engaged with the post, they’ll start seeing more of your other content and be encouraged to come back to check in on the results! 

10. Video 

Last but certainly not least, is video. With reels and live video increasing in popularity, there’s simply no better way to keep your audience on your page and interacting with your content than video marketing. 

By capturing your audience in the first few seconds of your video and leveraging key attention-keeping techniques, you can produce highly engaging videos that are sure to convert. What’s more, video content encourages authentic

Shares, boosting your Facebook audience reach even more! 


Glitch video

Interactive Facebook post ideas

Now that you know these 10 interactive Facebook post ideas, it’s time to take action. From improving your audience engagement to increasing website traffic, we’re confident you’ll love the results of this Facebook marketing strategy. For even more ideas for great interactive social media content, check out this blog.

Ready to create interactive content like never before? Get started with Genially today to discover how engaging posts can transform your digital marketing approach. 

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