How to create a no-code landing page in the blink of an eye

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Another campaign, another landing page. And another, and another… If you work in marketing, you know all too well that creating landing pages is something that appears very frequently on that to-do list.

Something else that often happens is that the rest of the team can’t keep up with the pace that marketing demands, right? Campaigns happen at lightning speed and the deadlines are getting tighter and tighter. You put in a request for a landing page for Black Friday and they come back to you saying you’ll have it for Christmas.

But a campaign without a landing page is like a pizza without cheese.

Have you ever thought about creating no-code landing pages? The digital no-code philosophy allows you to develop landing pages as well as other things such as apps and microsites without any programming knowledge. How? Read on and I’ll tell you!

Everything is easy with the right tool

And that tool is… Genially!

I already spoke a little bit about creating no-code landing pages in this post about Genially tricks, and today I’ll share how to do it step by step, along with some useful advice. When you finish reading you’ll know how to create spectacular landing pages with zero coding skills required. Want to see an example? Check this out:

The idea is simple: 

  1. Create an awesome genially with Genially’s super friendly and intuitive Editor
  2. Embed it in your CMS. And that’s it!

No one will know the difference between a page created with your CMS or a genially. Only you. And you’ll notice two more things: a great sense of relief when designing the content, and that you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of creating.

Another example:

Everything you need to make your landing page is right here

There are many types of landing pages with different objectives but, in general, they include a headline, a hero shot (a spectacular video or image), and a call to action. This call to action can be to get in contact, to buy your products or services, to download content, etc. It is usually a button with a link to another site, or perhaps a form.

All of this can be done with Genially. You can insert videos, forms, and all kinds of multimedia content, create incredible images, and add buttons and links wherever you like. You can even create your own videos.

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Using Genially allows you total freedom to create amazing designs brimming with interactivity and animation. There’s no need to wrestle with your CMS. You don’t need to know how to create columns or buttons, how to animate elements, or how to embed videos so that they look just right. And you can forget about being limited to using the same old icons that everyone uses.

In the Editor in Genially there are tons of resources to enrich your designs. In a genially, interactivity and animation can be added in just a couple of clicks. By simply dragging and dropping you’ll achieve brilliant results much more quickly than you thought.

Learn how to use Genially in less than half an hour

How to create a no-code landing page step by step

What do you want to put at the head of the page? Let’s say you want a video. You can insert an existing video in your genially, or create a new one for the occasion. All you have to do is create a video presentation with Genially, selecting Video navigation mode and loop playback.

Good to go? Now just embed it in your website.

Don’t miss any data

Another great thing about creating your landing page with Genially is that you can monitor all the views and interactions it gets. Thanks to the statistics module, you will have the power to track all activity data in your panel. And, as it’s embedded in your website, you can set up Facebook Pixel conversion for that page and use other tools you have on your site.

If your CMS is responsive, your landing page will be responsive

What CMS do you use? I’ve tried this trick in WordPress and the content looks great on any device. The most commonly used CMS will all adapt your genially to screens of all sizes without needing to adjust any settings.

This is very important because as you know, almost everyone will be viewing it on mobile devices. And I’m sure you also know that you should preview your landing page on screens of various different sizes before sharing it.

If, for example, you divide the space of your genially in two in order to put the video in one half and the form in the other, it’s important to make sure that all of the content can be seen and is clickable on smaller screens.

Some extra advice: make the base background of the genially you’re going to insert in your website the same color as the background of your site: that way no one will see the borders of the genially.

In the example we saw a genially with a video, but you can also create a microsite if you want your audience to navigate your landing page, or an interactive image. You can even structure your landing page with several geniallys and format the entire page without breaking a sweat.
Knowing how to make a no-code landing page is your new superpower. Now go forth and do great things!

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade

Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade
Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

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