How (and why) to create a no-code microsite

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Did you know you can create a no-code microsite? Yes, you! No need for a host, domain, or programming skills. It’s oh so easy! When you finish reading this post, you’ll know how to create a microsite without writing a single line of code. And, it’s super quick and cost-effective.

No need to depend on programmers!

Do you ever find that you’ve got tons of creative ideas you want to execute but the programming team just don’t quite get your vision? Or you don’t have a team and have to outsource? Good news! You no longer need to depend on a technical team to bring your ideas to life. The no-code option removes these obstacles and allows you to create microsites quickly and inexpensively.


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As you know, microsites are the ideal format for temporary activities and for experimenting with design and tone. It’s a very powerful format for connecting with your audience and boosting engagement.

We love how versatile they are. A microsite has the potential to play the starring role in your next marketing campaign, turn any informative or entertainment content into an enjoyable experience, or help you reach all your objectives when promoting a product or event, among other uses.

Check out this one from the Genially Games event:

You can create as many microsites as you like, with no one’s help. The sky’s the limit: creating interactive content that’s a great experience for your audience is within your reach, and in just a moment you’ll discover how. But first… do you know about all the advantages of this format?

Improve your marketing campaigns

Microsites will help you strengthen your marketing activities and have the added advantage of being accessible to any company, big or small. Want to break the internet along with all your previous records with your next campaign? No need to break the bank as well; all you need are good ideas and creativity.

Benefits of creating a microsite for marketing

  • Optimized segmentation. Segmenting is implicit in the definition of microsite. We are talking about a piece of content created for a very specific purpose. All your products and services have to appear on your website, but you can create a microsite for every line of products, for every event. or for every seasonal activity: sales, Black Friday, the holiday season, etc. This will make it easier to direct messages to your different audiences.
  • Information that gets to the point: People are usually not interested in each and every one of your products at the same time. They are often interested in one. With the microsite, they can find detailed and complete information about what interests them most, and only about that.
  • Flexibility: On your microsite you don’t have to follow your brand’s style guide. It’s something like experiencing the freedom of being disguised in a way that no one recognizes you. A microsite is the perfect place to experiment, to try new ideas, to show off innovative content, and to show the most creative side of your brand! This will allow you to surprise, reach new niche markets, or even do A/B tests.
  • Simpler analytics: With a single goal and a simple structure, it’s much easier to analyze a microsite than an entire website.
  • Maximized engagement: One of the main objectives of the microsite is for visitors to have a good time. In addition to providing an excellent browsing experience, they are powerful to help enhance interaction and make content easier to share. If you achieve your purpose of enchanting your audience, the community itself will spread your microsite. It may even go viral! Can you imagine?

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Interactive marketing: New rules, better results

In the online world, the possibilities for interactive marketing are multiplied, bringing benefits for both brands and individuals. Want to know more about this type of marketing? Let’s go!

Microsites in education: infinite uses

Schools and institutes need marketing strategies in the same way that any other kind of business does. Education marketing helps schools reach their objectives and survive in an increasingly competitive market. Schools can get a lot out of the microsite format in lots of different marketing and communication activities.

For example, this template allows you to present a course, degree, or masters using minimal resources.


Digital higher education presentation

One question: Who do you think has a tougher time drawing attention to their content? Those who work in education, or those who work in marketing? It’s hard to say, isn’t it? Teachers can also benefit from the enormous power of microsites to gain their students’ attention and interaction.

For example, if you want to create a guide for a new course but are concerned that your students won’t pay much attention to it, you can turn it into an attractive microsite.


Online Education Guide

This also works with other content such as lesson plans, unit plans, weekly planners, and even your resume. In Genially you’ll find plenty of inspiring templates to get you started.

How to create your microsite in 6 steps

You may find it overwhelming to tackle the task of creating a microsite. We can help! One effective trick that always works is to divide any big project into steps so you can focus on conquering smaller goals. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify your audience: Who are you targeting? The first thing will be to define your buyer as accurately as possible. It’s the key to connecting with them! Going forward, any other objectives that you set out have to have this person in mind, along with their motivations and pain points.
  2. Define your goal: often times, the shelf life of a microsite is limited, i.e. you have a deadline to achieve your goals. Keep that in mind to keep them realistic.
  3. Define keywords to boost your microsite’s results if you are going to use it in a marketing strategy. It will also be beneficial for your SEM strategy if you decide to boost your search engine visibility.
  4. Get inspired: Are there microsites made by other companies in your industry or by your direct competitors? If so, take a look to see how they have focused their messages and how it worked for them.
  5. Define the structure of your microsite. The best way to move forward is to first focus on making a draft before thinking about the visual part. For example, how many pages are you going to have? What will navigation between pages look like? How many calls to action will you have? Gather images, videos, and other resources, and create a text draft before getting started on the visuals.
  6. Design your microsite. Are you clear about the message and the layout? Then it’s time to define which tool you want to use and make decisions about the design.

The ideal tool for creating a no-code microsite

You can create your microsite with any CMS, such as WordPress or Wix. But we’re talking about interactive, creative, and engaging content, which means we’re talking about Genially!

With Genially, it’s really easy to create a microsite. You don’t need to register a domain name (unless you want to), or pay for a host, or buy a template. You don’t even have to enter your credit card details to create an account. You can make a microsite without knowing anything about PHP, HTML, or Python, and without relying on an administrator to manage the server.

If you use Genially, it’ll take you less time and cost you nothing. What’s more, when you create your free account, you’ll have access to all the templates and resources you can imagine to achieve a brilliant result with less effort.

Another advantage of using Genially is the ability to integrate with other tools. This makes it possible to integrate all kinds of content. You can enrich your microsite with Google Forms or Typeform forms, Google Maps locations, videos, and any other resources you can think of. Genially integrates with hundreds of tools, which multiplies the features and possibilities at your fingertips. And all without programming or writing code.

If you want, you can add audio to your genially. Think about what music would best fit your creation, or add a voice recording to complete the experience.

When your genially is ready, you can share it with a link, embed it in a website, or share it on social media, without losing the interactivity and animations. You audience will be able to interact with your microsite without leaving the social network they’re viewing it from! You can also add links to other URLs that fit your objectives.

To get data from your microsite, you can measure the behavior of your audience in Genially, thanks to the statistics module.

How to turn your genially into a microsite

Any genially can be easily turned into a microsite.

To do this, you’ll need to use two features:

  • The ‘Go to Page‘ type of interactivity, which allows you to link any text or item to another page on your genially. ‘Go to Page’ Interactivity
  • The ability to edit the transition between pages. Select ‘microsite’ mode to turn off the navigation arrows between pages.
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Advanced no-code animations

Learn how to create advanced animations without using code.

Using these features, you will make the experience of those who visit your microsite very similar to the browsing experience on any website. Adding animations to the elements and/or music will make that experience even more stimulating. Have you been able to connect with the tastes of your audience? You’ll notice the difference!

Best Genially templates for creating microsite

Beauty guide


Beauty guide

Event promo image


Event promo image

Fashion catalog


Fashion catalog

Gallery guide


Gallery guide

Digital magazine mobile


Digital magazine mobile

Higher education weekly planner


Higher education weekly planner

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