The 10 most-read posts on the Genially blog in 2021: Enjoy!

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Written by: Natalia De la Peña Frade

Who decides which are the best posts on the Genially blog? You do! Well, you and all the others that form part of our wonderful community. We’ve analyzed some stats (the typical end-of-year stuff) to see which of our blog posts were your favorite in 2021.

So, here’s the list, so you can make sure you didn’t miss anything important. Make yourself a hot beverage of your choice, get comfy in your favorite reading nook, and enjoy!

1. The monthly Genially template selection is always a winner

You really do love the templates! This makes our Design team very happy.  Every week we add new templates and resources to the Panel, and every month we publish a blog with a selection of the best ones. This post is, by far, the most visited on the blog. And with reason! No one wants to miss the awesome new templates! Have you seen the latest selection?

Other collections, like the back to school templates, Halloween templates, and personalized holiday cards, were also very popular. Even though the content is ‘seasonal’, these blogs are always among the most visited. Have you read them? Did you get some inspiration from them? We’d love it if you’d let us know in the comments!

2. How to make an interactive image: The best effort-result ratio

It’s no surprise to us that this blog was so successful; interactive images are the easiest kind of creation to make and the results are amazing.

Can anyone create animated and interactive content without any programming know-how? That would be a resounding YES! When you finish reading this post, you’ll know how to create stunning interactive images with very little effort. You’ll also discover some of their practical uses and see some inspiring examples. Want to try one?

3. Business pitch: What is it and what kinds exist?

Rounding out the top 3 is this post by Cristina Marcos, our Country Manager of Spanish Speaking Markets, in which she shares her knowledge and experience about what exactly a pitch is, what kinds of pitches exist, and how to create the perfect one.

This post is written from a very practical point of view and is sure to be very helpful when it comes to successfully communicating your ideas and projects, whatever their objectives may be.

4. Interactive presentations: Connect with your audience like never before 

The most versatile type of creation is, without a doubt, the interactive presentation. The great communicative power of interactive presentations is invaluable in any field and professional sector.

Know how to make one? Do you know the different kinds of interactive presentations that exist? In this post you’ll discover that there’s a type of interactive presentation for every communication need, and all of them offer you the opportunity to connect with your audience like never before.

5. How to make interactive infographics: The most visual content

With infographics, visual information is prioritized so it is transmitted in a much simpler way. By adding interactivity and animation, we can also catch everyone’s eyes and engage our audience. The result is the perfect content for awakening curiosity and successfully communicating any idea.

This post will resolve all your conundrums about interactive infographics; what they’re used for, what the benefits are, and what steps to follow in order to create a spectacular interactive infographic. You’ll never look back!

6. Mind maps: What are they and how do you make one?

When you want to organize your ideas to make studying easier or to focus on a project in a more efficient way, what you need is a mind map.

Good news! In this post you’ll find an infographic with advice for creating online, interactive, and animated mind maps, along with a series of great templates for inspiration. And, if you don’t know the difference between mind maps and concept maps, you can clear up any doubts here too.

7. Interactive timelines: How to say a lot with little space

A timeline is a great way to display information in a visual way that’s easy to understand. If we add interactivity, it becomes the kind of content that surprises and engages in any context.

Do you tend to use this kind of content for work or to study? If so, you’ll love the templates we suggest in this post. There’s something for everyone: the education community, freelancers, and companies.

Even if you’ve never created a timeline, you’ll find it easy if you follow the advice you find in this post.

8. Learning landscapes: The ticket to your teaching goals

Imagination, creativity, and knowledge are the essence of learning landscapes; a powerful teaching tool for motivating and strengthening the development of students’ competencies.

In this post, you’ll discover the benefits of learning landscapes, their 10 fundamental elements, and how to create learning landscapes in Genially, making the most of interactivity and animation to achieve your teaching objectives.

9. How to use gamification in education: Do you know the benefits?

Did you know we learn more and better when we’re playing? Gamification increases motivation and helps students to assimilate complex concepts and build on their accomplishments.

If you want to start using gamification in your classes, you can start with this post. You’ll find the 5 steps for creating successful gamified activities and tons of templates for inspiration. Learning is fun!

10. Top tips for a brilliant thesis or final project, and the best presentation!

It’s logical that this article would be in the top 10 most-read of the year; reading it will give you the answers to all your questions and worries about how to go about creating your final project or thesis and presenting it in front of an audience.

After all your hard work comes the moment to demonstrate that you really know your stuff and are ready to go out into the working world. Your presentation needs to do your work justice, so take note of this advice.

So, there you have it; the selection of the best of the blog in 2021 according to the community’s preferences. What do you think? 

It’s important to remember that the blog is yours too, so if you want to send us some feedback or you’d like us to write about something in particular, now’s the time to get in touch. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade
Content creator: I try to write things you like to read
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