New look for a new era: Restyling Genially

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Society, culture and the way we communicate have all changed incredibly in the last few months. We live in a time that encourages an attitude of continuous improvement, evolution and adaptation, and Genially couldn’t be left behind. Therefore, after several months of excitement and work, this 2020 we want to announce a really special surprise: Genially has updated its look!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve announced the launching of new platforms (like the new Genially Blog), new features such as the ability to use the creations of any big-hearted user that wishes to share their geniallys with the community, and a few glimpses of the new Genially “look”.

But that’s not all, and this doesn’t end here. There’s still much to be revealed, and in this post we’ll tell you about several of these new features and changes in a simple summary. Are you in?

What have we done and why? 

Technically, we’ve done a restyling. This is a process of self-analysis and transformation that makes a brand without losing its essence or personality: what makes it unique. Generally, this process leads to an updated logo, new corporate colors, a reassessment of how we communicate… and a ton of other things. All of this is done to shape a brand that’s more professional, current, coherent and on-target with its goals: to be the best version of itself and one that can cover the needs of our community!

Now it’s time to take a quick look at the details of what we’ve changed and the keys to the new “Genially Look”, a result achieved through effort, work and above all, enthusiasm.

Our logotype: The basic unit of genius.

The first thing we did was go over our beloved logotype. It went through a process not unlike the one a car goes through at a body shop and emerged much cleaner, more elegant and versatile than the previous version while remaining easily identifiable.

Nuevo Logo Genially 2020

Shapes were simplified, the font was revised and smaller elements were readjusted.

This sleeker logotype is easier to make fit with the different platforms it appears on and its various uses. We want Genially to represent Training, Professional Communication and Creativity equally. This new logotype adapts itself perfectly to the message we want to communicate.

Nuevos Colores Rebranding Genially

A use of vibrant but measured color

Genially has always been defined by a bold use of color, filling its universe with color gradients and bright shades, and on many occasions, using practically all of them! While this remains essential to our DNA and is something we don’t want to lose, we’ve evolved to a more elegant use of color so that our community members can be the ones who bring infinite color to their creations. More variety and more specialization.

Paleta color Genially
Paleta color Genially

Now, our website, interface and communication platforms will be a sleeker and more professional environment colored by only the illustrations and visual elements in it. This will allow us to focus in on what matters most: making stunning creations! While the underlying brand image is consistent throughout, the widening of our color palette will allow you to find small chromatic differences depending on the platform and the content you access.

And clearer and more legible font

Another subtle but noteworthy change in our brand image is the use of a new main font. We’re talking about Source Sans Pro, available and free (an important factor) on the platform Google Fonts.

Nuevas tipografias en Genially
Nuevo Look para una nueva Era: Restyling Genially

This decision is based primarily on the ease this font offers the reader, its kind but formal tone, and its extensive possibilities with different versions (from the thinnest variation to the darkest one) that make it truly versatile. Raleway, we’ll miss you, but not too much.

Rebranding Genially 
Rebranding Genially 
Rebranding Genially 

Our Allys have grown up

Genially is a tool that allows you to make awesome things. You choose a background and by placing shapes, text, photos, colors and choosing from an infinite number of resources you end up creating something incredible. It has a wide variety of graphic resources for creating illustrated collages through the use of digital media.

Restyling Genially

This reflection has been key to deciding what path to take with our corporate illustrations, our look and our visual universe. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and visual communication is certainly one of the key factors for the creation of content. We want communication to be easy, clear and full of innovative and creative spirit.

In more technical terms, this has led us to use photographic textures that give life and richness to our compositions, include small floating geometric elements, make more references to digital resources (such as windows, buttons, etc) and revamp our Allys. You’ll find many more details in each of the illustrations, and you’ll see that even simple ones are the deconstruction of other elements or new versions of our more traditional aesthetic.

Nuevos Allys

Plus, the Allys (which, for those who don’t know, are the characters that appear in our illustrations) have grown, and we’ve made them much more diverse in color, clothing and style so that anyone can feel comfortable and identify with our universe and values.

Many changes and a new era

All of these elements have been applied to Genially platforms to update their look: the Website, Panel, Editor, Blog, Help Center, Social Media Accounts… to bring them together in a coherent way: from the first page to the final button.

Restyling Genially Home Web
Restyling Genially icons
Restyling Genially
Restyling Genially

Each and every one has been redesigned with great care to give you the best possible experience so you can really enjoy (yes, we’re confident) the new Genially look.

And now what?

All that’s left is to enjoy. Browse through the website, discover all the Allys and new designs we’ve created, make incredible things in the new Editor, get inspired and enjoy the specialized content on our new platforms…

Experience the #GeniallyNewEra, discover all the new features and changes we’ve made for you, and don’t forget to tell us what you think. 

Isotipo logo Genially

'Imagine, create, share. Design the future'.

'Imagine, create, share. Design the future'.

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