New Genially templates to welcome 2021!

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Written by: Genially
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New Genially templates: Explore and discover!

This year it’s easier than ever to create eye-catching content with Genially’s new templates.

We’ve added tons of new templates to the Main Panel and filled them with interactivity and animation effects. There are resources for all kinds of themes filled with attractive designs. Take a look! You’ll find templates with a large variety of styles and for various uses: education, corporate, instruction or training. Whatever your needs are, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The template for creating a product catalog is the best shop window for your businesses. Plus, the Kanban board is useful for effectively coordinating your work in a team! There are also many templates for creating games such as digital escape rooms or quizzes. All of them have been designed for professionals looking to achieve the WOW effect quickly and easily.

Time to check out all our new designs! Creating interactive visual content in accordance with the latest visual trends is as simple as choosing a template and adding your text.

This 2021 you and your creations will blow everyone away!

15 stunning templates for communication that wows

To Do List:

Growth Planning

Kanban Board

Mailing Report

Product Catalog

Visual Portfolio

Weekly Planner for Teachers

Art Deco Presentation

Ancient Greece Presentation

Escape Game Isla Desierta

Brazilian Carnival Presentation

Alien Invision Video-Presentation

Speed Quiz

Dragon Dungeon Breakout

Snakes and Ladders

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  1. Örülök a Genially adta lehetőségeknek. Bár elkészíteni hosszadalmas, de a gyerekek imádják.

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