10 Ideal Platforms For eLearning & Remote Learning

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Written by: Aili
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Thanks to new technology, eLearning and remote learning are increasingly relevant forms of learning, and in many cases, a necessity. These tools, platforms and applications that allow us to learn virtually, are key for many teachers and students that see distance learning as an excellent resource to make learning happen no matter where we are.

e learning tools

In this post, we’re bringing you a series of recommendations for online learning that we’re sure will help you in your work as a teacher or student. You have it all, from tools for sending educational emails to platforms that will help you with your math homework.

Let’s get started!


Flipgrid is a tool that allows you to have video debates about a proposed topic. Through this platform, the teachers can record a video of themselves proposing a topic to their students or choose a video or image that’s already available. You can also simply type the topic or question. Feedback is instantaneous because students can participate by offering their answers to the question and can interact by recording their own videos.

You can choose between two versions: free and paid. The second option comes with exclusive features like the ability to record videos longer than 90 seconds. It also allows students to add their comments in the form of video responses.


Smore is a web tool that helps educators create stunning newsletters in minutes. The possibilities with distance learning are endless, and teachers can use Smore for many of their communication needs: online newsletters, lessons, news and updates for parents, event invitations, and more. Beautiful backgrounds and ready-to-use designs make the layout of information simple, and these are sent via email or posted on social media with one click!

The tool is easy to use and the interface extremely intuitive. Anybody with basic computer skills can achieve professional results to communicate visually with students, parents and other educators.


From lesson planning to student grades, Additio App consolidates all the steps to managing your classes in one application that’s easy to use. Used in over 30,000 schools across the globe, this tool allows you to create a class record, focused on planning and learning development. This app makes everything related to the day-to-day work of a teacher easier.

Additio App is a phone app that helps teachers solve class organization and planning problems, facilitating better communication between teachers (through content sharing, collaboration, etc.). It’s a gradebook where you can store and manage everything that a teacher needs to develop classes and evaluate students’ progress.


Wiris is a math calculation tool with a wide range of options where the user can do their calculations and get answers quickly. This tool covers all the math taught in secondary (jr. high and high) school and can also be used for university-level learning as it includes material for Calculus, Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, etc. 

Wiris provides visual explanations of concepts and functions that are often abstract, improving students’ understanding of scientific, technical and mathematical coursework and improving spatial intelligence.


Edmodo is an education network with over 80 million users that allows us to connect and communicate with teachers and students. This application lets teachers share class materials, text, video and assignments with their students.

Using Edmodo, students and teachers can come together as they share ideas, problems and useful tips. A teacher can assign and grade work in Edmodo, and students can receive help from the entire class.


Wakelet lets us create collections (private or public) where we can gather and store links of all kinds. This allows us to find, organize and edit tons of educational material on a single platform. We can save articles, videos, tweets, podcasts and almost anything else that might interest us for future use.

You can create a collection about any topic in just a few minutes. You can make them public or keep them private and can edit them in any given moment. Each collection we create becomes a social feed about the topic of our choice. Collections are especially popular and recommended for gathering education materials.


Canvas is an LMS platform used in thousands of schools and universities to create online courses for students. One of its stand-out features is its graphic interface. This offers a more modern and user-friendly experience than other more traditional tools.

Thanks to Canvas, you’ll be able to manage users and courses in a variety of ways. Teachers can create courses and add material to foster students’ learning. As a teacher, you’ll be able to see when students access courses and evaluate their attendance, progress and adaptation. You’ll also be able to communicate with them through the platform.

Google Classroom

Classroom is an excellent Google tool for online classroom management. As an LMS (Learning Management System), it allows us to carry out tasks more efficiently and encourage collaboration and communication among students and teachers. Teachers can create classes, assign homework, send comments and see all the information in one place, among other options.

Classroom is completely free for the education sector and comes included in the G Suite for Education set. Anyone who has a free Gmail account has access to Classroom for free as well. Teachers and students can access their classes, notes, assignments, etc. from their own devices. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital center that brings conversations, teaching material, assignments and applications together in a singles place, allowing educators to create dynamic learning environments. Its defining feature is the capacity to set up collaborative classrooms and connect teachers with professional learning communities.

While many of you may be familiar with the use of Teams in the business world, this platform includes features that make this tool an exceptional resource whose popularity is increasing in the education sector. Thanks to this platform, students, teachers and coworkers can work together to create class material and share it all in one space.


It couldn’t be left out. Genially is the digital tool that allows you to create interactive, visual content quickly and easily. It’s currently used in over 190 countries and is a favorite tool for millions of educators.

  • Step One: Get your students’ attention.
  • Step Two: Interact with them and engage them with your materials.
  • Step Three: Offer them materials as inspiration and the foundation for their academic development and growth.

You have it all: infographics, presentations, gamification, didactic units, and more. Templates and resources that will make your job easier and make learning a memorable experience for your students. Best of all, Genially creations can be effortlessly inserted into all the tools on this list, allowing you to share impactful material on all your eLearning platforms.

These are some great options, right? With these recommendations, you’ll be able to choose platforms that allow you to do things that are different and that complement one another and the work you’re already doing. This will allow you to be the one who decides where to invest your time and effort.

The world is changing, and so is education. We won’t always be able to give class instruction in person, but we can see each other as we continue to learn from one another, driven by a common passion for education. Take advantage of these tools to put your talent to good use and get the most out of your work as a teacher.

Warm wishes from the entire Genially Team! 

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