How to create a report that’ll knock their socks off with Genially

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Reach, KPR, engagement, oh my! If procrastinating until the day before the report deadline is your jam, this post is for you. 

Working in design and working in communications have a common denominator. A task that is universally loathed. A pothole on the road to the end of every month, quarter, or year. Yes, you guessed it: reports. 

There’s no getting around it: presenting results is essential for us to know how well the work we’re doing is working, but finding the right way to express it so that our client or audience understands it is not a quick or easy task.

That’s why we want to show you some free templates that might inspire you, complement your design programs, and save hours of your time when you need to work out how to make different types of reports.

Interactive presentations

Presentations don’t have to be dull. As well as concisely displaying results and objectives, presentations help people understand the content in a visual way. And if we also add the interactivity and animation of the designs in Genially, they’ll have more flavor than Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Your audience will be hooked from the get-go.

This template might just be what you’ve been searching for your whole life to help you engage your audience while presenting results.


Startup Pitch

OKR reports

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a productivity tool whose objective is to achieve growth and improvement in different areas of life: personal, economic, work, etc. How? By demonstrating the results obtained by actions that have been carried out.

One of the keys to OKRs is that they should always show measurable, quantifiable results. Creating an OKR is usually a matter of establishing a qualitative objective to be met, putting a person in charge of supervising it, and setting deadlines (and meeting them!).

If your client has asked for one and you don’t know where to start, here’s a template to inspire you.


OKR Report

Stylish whitepapers

Is it a report? Is it an ebook? Not exactly. It’s a whitepaper, a written report full of data and stats on a specific topic. It’s used to explain to users how to resolve a problem or to help them understand a certain topic.

Its main ingredients are reliable data, a formal tone, and technical vocabulary. Check out this design; its structure and interactivity can guide you to infinity and beyond.


Creative whitepaper


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Nifty dashboards

When you enter the universe of figures, data, and measuring results, you run the risk of suffering an overdose of information that can make you lose focus. If you have to present a considerable volume of data, the dashboard is your kind of report.

It is a super powerful tool for centralizing the KPIs you need and obtaining information through figures. It’s a kind of summary that compiles data from different sources and presents it in such a way that even your grandma would understand it, with graphs and interactive infographics.

If you work in social media and want to present a report that’s efficient, accessible, and easy to understand, right this way, please:


Digital marketing dashboard

What other formats do you use to present results? Let us know in the comments! And, if you work in graphic design, we’ll just leave this here for you: Reasons why Genially can be super useful for designers.

Marina López

Writing works as a fight against chaos. Virginie Despentes

Marina López
Marina López
Writing works as a fight against chaos. Virginie Despentes

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