Promotion for Genius Centers

For an interactive and accessible education for your entire school


We need to implement new methodologies that develop our digital skills, which are so helpful in connecting us with our students. Now you can do this by turning your school into one of the Genius Centers partaking in a digital transformation and driving education around the world.

Promotion for Genius Centers

What are Genius Centers?

They are schools of any educational level that use Genially, the all-in-one tool that facilitates teaching by allowing you to create all kinds of interactive content (presentations, learning landscapes, interactive images, guides or games, and more) while motivating students with learning that is more meaningful, interactive, and memorable. By using Genially collectively, Genius Centers also manage to greatly consolidate their logistics and productivity efforts.

Promotion for Genius Centers

Students need us

We have the greatest educational challenge we have ever faced ahead of us: acquiring digital skills and breaking down learning barriers to engage all students of schools in any environment (face-to-face, online, or mixed). But don’t worry, we have a plan. Or rather, three plans. 

Plans for Genius Centers

Education deserves to be more interactive and accessible than ever before. That’s why we created three special discounted plans so that all students have the Premium Student Plan for free, in addition to other benefits for the teaching team.

Genius Center

Genius Center Basic Genially

Genius Center

Genius Center Intermediate

Genius Center

Genius Center Advanced
Promotion for Genius Centers

Advantages of being part of a Genius Center

  • Acquiring digital skills that facilitate educational work
  • Improving the interaction between teachers and students
  • Breaking down learning barriers
  • Developing the skills and attitudes needed for the new digital age
  • Being part of the change in education


Genially’s education community keeps growing. Thousands of schools and great people are already part of the 6.5M users who create interactive content around the world.

Promotion for Genius Centers
Promotion for Genius Centers
Promotion for Genius Centers

Instructions for becoming a Genius Center

  1. Send the school’s information through this form.
  2. Receive a quote and detailed instructions to continue the process (payment by transfer or credit/debit card)
  3. Your Premium Edu Pro, Premium Student, and Master accounts will be activated on the expected activation dates.


No custom quotes will be made for this promotion. The hiring of the plan must be done autonomously by the school using the instructions indicated.

  • Exclusive promotional offer given the current situation caused by COVID-19 to help the educational community with its educational challenges.
  • Term for enrollment and payment: October 15th and 31th  2020 to November 15th, 2020
  • The contracted plans will be in effect until September 1st, 2021..
  • The payment method can be credit card, bank transfer, or chorus, and the currency will be in € euros or $ USD.
  • Since this is a special promotion due to the current situation, there will be no individual or school-wide returns allowed. 
  • Enrollment in a plan must be done autonomously. These conditions will only apply if enrollment is done autonomously.
  • Contact with any questions. Higher-than-normal response times due to high level of information requests.
  • Premium plans will be activated on October 1st, 15th, and 30th for accounts registered with Genially provided by the school. For this reason, it is recommended to notify students and faculty of the imminent registration in Genially so they can enjoy their plan or they may have to wait until the next date on which plans are activated.
  • Included in the different plans: (see prices in the link)
    • Basic Genius Center: 20 Edu Pro Plans for teaching staff, Student Plans for all students at the school, 1 Master Plan for corporate use, resources related to remote learning and new methodologies.
    • Intermediate Genius Center: 50 Edu Pro Plans for teaching staff, Student Plans for all students at the school, 1 Master Plan for corporate use, resources related to remote learning and new methodologies.
    • Advanced Genius Center: Edu Pro Plans for all teaching staff, Student Plans for all students at the school, 2 Master Plans for corporate use, resources related to remote learning and new methodologies.
  • Limited-time promotion due to the situation caused by COVID-19. Conditions will change at the end of the contract period.
  • It will not be possible to update the list of users provided. This will only be possible on the next contract renewal date, September 1st, 2021.
  • The school will receive materials to get started with Genially, but these plans do not include custom training for the school.
  • Creations can be shared between teachers and students without any limit, so everyone can see everyone else’s work, in addition to having unlimited collaborators on a creation.
  • You can easily embed Genially in your LMS with the iframe code of each Genially creation.
  • Accounts are one-person and you cannot have simultaneous access to an account.
  • We comply with LGPD standards. The data provided by the schools will be for the exclusive use of the activation of premium plans as well as for commercial contact with the center for the contracting of the plan.
  • By completing the form and making a payment, you agree and confirm the application of the terms of use, general terms and conditions, and the privacy policy applicable to the Genially website, as well as the particular conditions applicable to this campaign.