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Level up your remote communication by making it interactive

Communicating is more difficult when working remotely. Lengthy content and screen fatigue are not on your side. How can you get your audience’s attention and communicate the information in a way that’s easier to consume?

Create interactive content and… challenge unlocked! Strengthen your communication and connect with your audience.

Achieve more with less effort

Creating visual and interactive content is much easier if you start with a template. Create stunning presentations to make an impact in every meeting, or super visual infographics, engaging dossiers… whatever you like!  

No need to start from scratch!

Check out this template that’s 100% personalizable. Just add your information and watch how the animations catch everyone’s eyes.


What do you need to create?

Go to Genially to see thousands of templates with all kinds of designs. 

Training for busy people

This is how you create awesome content

Now you’ve got the tool for creating memorable visual and interactive content… and the opportunity to learn how to use it. How? Well, it’s free, super easy, and you can do it at your own pace. Go to the Genially Academy and start wowing with your content!

Want to communicate better?

Genially’s community of professionals share the keys to making your message stand out and achieving your professional goals.

Blog posts to get you practicing

In this selection of articles, you’ll find trends, ideas, and recommendations from the Genially Team as well as its global community. You’re bound to learn something new… and useful!

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