Resources And Initiatives To Make Remote Working And Learning Easier

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Written by: Genially
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Dear Community,

The situation created by Covid-19 means that millions are facing a difficult problem.  Education centers and workplaces of all kinds have suspended their in-person activities, forcing countless educators, students and other professionals from different sectors to adapt their work to the situation.

This change has us all facing new obstacles and requires that we work together to overcome them. At Genially, we’d like to step up to offer a series of actions and free resources that can help you maintain your pace of study and remote work.

Resources And Initiatives To Make Remote Working And Learning Easier

We want you to keep learning, keep working and keep creating communication experiences that are meant to be shared: material that can help those around you in difficult times.

We want you to be the one who drives the great ideas of a new era.

Free Resources for Remote Work and Distance Learning

As a digital startup, Genially offers a lot of free material to its users. We do so while betting on innovation and the young talent of our team, and even more importantly, while prioritizing a close relationship with our users. This relationship is one we put at the center of our Support and Customer Success teams.

Resources And Initiatives To Make Remote Working And Learning Easier

The current situation marks an opportunity to demonstrate social-corporate responsibility on a large scale which affects large companies and startups, big and small states, and each and every individual. This is why, as we’ve said over the past few days, Genially has freed up many premium resources that will be accessible for free on our platform now and forever.

Get ready because we’re going to show you what resources you have available and how to find them, and we’ll tell you how they may be of use to you according to your interests and work or studies.

150 Premium templates now free

Each and every Genially template is put together through a detailed process that involves all departments of the company. It requires the gathering of information on what users need and support from the Technological Development department before it’s published for our community. Our Product team takes great care in creating each template, resource and Inspiration example, and members give a special stylistic touch to each creation.

These templates serve as inspiration for designers and as a foundation for those without advanced design skills and knowledge. That’s why you have over 150 premium templates made free for everyone and forever so that you can keep up your pace of study and work. These templates now appear without the blue star icon that marks Premium templates.

For Trainers

If you’re a trainer, you’re in luck. Training is a job as varied as life itself, and thanks to new technology, you have a plethora of resources and templates that can help you communicate all your knowledge to your audience.

Through innovative learning methodologies and the work of students, the job of an instructor–though seriously affected by the coronavirus crisis–can often be continued when those in training teach online.

Our Training team works with these templates to give free webinars online every month. To help support your work in training, we’ve made dozens of premium templates free, so you can add them to your collection of training material for sessions and talks. Here are a few examples:


For students

The present for our students is the future for our world. If there’s something that needs to continue, it’s learning. With these templates, you’ll be able to keep up with class projects and thesis presentations. You can create content to share on social media and impress everyone.

In this webinar about virtual education, you’ll learn the keys to how and much more. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep up with schoolwork and not burn out. It’s your chance as a student to stand out. Unleash your potential with these awesome templates and all the others you have available to you.


For designers

Genially is a platform created to bring the world of design to each and every person and home, but it’s also a perfect tool for those who already have advanced graphic design skills and knowledge. You’ll be able to use these templates to grow your creativity with countless people who share your passion for design, develop your full potential as a designer and use them as examples to inspire you.

Take a close look because each member of our Design team has a unique style when designing templates and Inspiration examples, and their effort is reflected in each of these creations now available to you. Here are some examples:


For communicators

Good communication is must for practically all the professional activities you complete in a day. All companies, education centers and individuals use communication to share knowledge and information with those around them.

With these free resources, news sites and publishers can transform information into a  communication experience. Use them to grab the attention of your reader or listener and create content that seduces, is shared and that leaves your audience wanting more.

Those passionate about Storytelling can illustrate their stories with Genially or tell them through a visual narrative experience. Our team continues to focus on sharing new information with our users and keeping them close, which is why every member of Genially will share keys to their professional sector on our blog as well as training in their area of expertise.


For companies and professionals

With remote work, many companies and professionals can continue working online, to the point their sector and current situation allows. Our department of Business Development uses these free templates to create infographics, data reports, attractive business pitches and much more. Being part of a group allows you access to exclusive discounts and training for your organization, like our friends at AON. Here they’ll share their experience using gamification to entertain their employees.

Eye catching and effective material can make your life easier at work, and it can even help you find a job. With interactive resumes, you’ll be able to highlight your experience in a way that’s sure to get you noticed. Our team of Human Resources and Operations is more than familiar with what the job search looks like from the other side, and its members encourage you to create memorable portfolios that attract the attention of those hiring for your dream job.


Bonus: For everything and everyone

Not everything in life comes down to working or studying, right? For fans of virtual fun, these templates will help you create social projects and online get togethers, enjoy new experiences with your friends and community and invest time in fun to get a smile or two out of hard times.

With the help of gamification, quizzes, surveys and presentations, you’ll be able to create dynamic and unique experiences, that your friends, family and colleagues will enjoy. Plus, you can use these templates along with all the free resources available, to create material for projects that encourage social action and engagement. Use them well!


All premium resources in the Editor are now free

On top of all these templates, you have all the premium resources from the Editor free to include in your creations. Illustrations, images from our image library, silhouettes, backgrounds, scenes … hundreds of premium resources made by our designers so that you find the perfect material for your geniallys.

Resources And Initiatives To Make Remote Working And Learning Easier

New free feature for all plans: Record your audio!

You’ve been asking for it, and here it is. Now you can record audio directly in your geniallys with the new feature free in the Editor. You can add audio to all your slides or just the ones you choose. Effective communication just keeps getting easier.

Initiatives on Social Media

Sharing useful content with others is a given thanks to social media. With the hashtag #SharingGenially you can share all kinds of material with the entire community.

The goal is to offer a way to simply find and take advantage of all kinds of content from many fields of knowledge. Sharing your own materials and accessing the whole community’s resource library can help you both teach and learn.

⚡What if, together, we make distance learning easier?

Join this initiative to spread around your material to educators and students!

➡Use the hashtag #sharingGenially or comment on this post by sharing your educational content.?#genially #remotelearning #distancelearning

— Genially (@genially_en) March 13, 2020

Also, we’ll be asking you what special templates you need and what you’ll use them for through surveys on social media. Use the hashtag  #AGenially4U to suggest ideas for free templates that fit your current needs and can help you keep up with your activities.

?Poll ?What kind of free templates do you need for remote work or learning?#genially #remoteLearning #distanceLearning #remoteWork #IStayAtHome

— Genially (@genially_en) April 2, 2020

Through social media, you can find information about all our own initiatives and many more from all parts of the digital sector. We’ll keep you updated, and get ready because we have exciting new features in store for you this month…

We won’t let you run out of options!

We won’t let you get bored. We’re releasing new material on our platforms to try to help and support you in learning new skills when adapting resources for online use.

Here are some examples of free material with information and training on key topics like online learning and remote work, tools you can use for online communication and much more. This 2020, we’re publishing the following on all our platforms:

Working remotely: Tools and resources for effective communication
The Growth Mindset & Blended Learning: Increasing classroom engagement

When facing difficulties: Strength in unity

  It’s not just Genially. Companies in the digital sector and many platforms and organizations are coming together in solidarity to offer resources and take action. Through this calendar, you’ll be able to sign up for different April webinars and learn from home.

If you want to add your webinars and initiatives to the calendar, fill out the form and join this movement. If like Google, Microsoft and Twitter, you’d like to partner with our tool for future integrations, get in touch with us through our email:

We’ll keep announcing new initiatives and collaborations with all kinds of people and companies on our social media pages.

#IStayAtHome, but I won’t slow down

As you can see, our whole team is working to make this situation a little easier, and we hope this post has helped you get to know our work a bit better. You, as a part of our community, has helped us become what we are today, and so we owe it all to you. Get ready because the best is yet to come: awesome ideas that will drive the visual content and communication of a new era are just around the corner…

Resources And Initiatives To Make Remote Working And Learning Easier

We trust that all this information will help you keep up with your learning and work in these hard times. A special thanks to our translation team for providing this content with resources in multiple languages. Working together, we’ll adapt and transform these difficulties into opportunities for the future: with hard work, resources and unity.

Sending support and warm wishes from the entire Genially Team

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  1. One feature that i’d is the save PDF. Html offline is a great tool and i understand need to be on a pay plan, but pdf could be free. I am really considering the fisrt plan where i can download pdf, but also need the tool to add audio (not recording but uploading) but the plan it is too exoensive to me, even now that the dollar skyhight

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