Reusing a genially: Why you should take advantage of this feature

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Dear Community: You are the best part of Genially. We’re thrilled to see that the number of reusable geniallys in the tool is increasing at a fast pace. When you share your work with millions of people around the world, its value multiplies!

Not familiar with the reuse feature in Genially yet? Well, keep reading because reusability allows you to tap into the genius of all the people who make up the Genially community. Join the fun! 

What does Reuse mean in Genially?

Reuse is a feature that gives people the option to mark a creation as reusable when they make a genially.

This function was enabled in the Genially Panel in June 2020, and has since revolutionized interactive content creation. As of now (August 2023), there are more than 2,300,000 reusable geniallys, and almost 5 million geniallys have been created from content marked as reusable! ?

In this current moment of rapid change and adaptation, where sharing is more important than ever, taking advantage of free resources is an important opportunity. Let’s take a closer look at how to take full advantage of the Reuse feature in Genially so you can create, share, surprise, and, above all, take advantage of the awesome free resources that are at your fingertips. Let’s go!

What does this feature offer?

When you mark a genially as reusable, you’re allowing others in the global Genially community to use it as a template and edit it in their own account. You allow the community to access your ingenuity, and help other people achieve their goals.

On the other hand, if you need to create great content but you’re still starting out with Genially or you have little time to create resources, you can use one of the thousands of geniallys that the community has generously shared. This allows you to prepare content that will leave your audience amazed in just a few minutes. Look at this example:

Like it? If the text doesn’t fit your purposes, editing it will only take a few minutes. This example and tons of other awesome content are at your disposal in the Inspiration section of the Panel.

This function is included in all Genially plans. However, if a reusable genially is made from a premium template, only people with a premium plan can reuse that genially.

In Genially, reusing is synonymous with sharing

Perhaps on more than one occasion you would have liked your work to inspire others, making your efforts even more meaningful by helping others in the process. Or you may be struggling to get up to date and you’re looking for ways to deliver high-value, quality digital content to your audience.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is. The whole community participates, helps, and benefits from Genially’s Reuse feature. This is what makes it so valuable.

How do you use it?

Let’s look at both sides of the coin: the steps you need to take to mark a genially as reusable, and what you need to do to reuse someone else’s genially.

You can mark a genially as reusable when you publish it, or any time after publishing – even if the creation has already been published.

Mark your genially reusable when you publish it

  1. When you have your genially ready, click the “all set!” button in the upper right corner of the Editor.
  2. A window with different options will appear, including the “reusable” option. Click on it to turn it on, and then click “all set!” to save your changes.
  3. Click “share” and use the “social page” link so everyone who has that link will see the option to reuse the genially. 

Make an already published genially reusable

  1. Go to “my creations” and click “edit” on the genially you want to mark as reusable.
  2. Click the “settings” icon in the upper-right hand corner of the Editor.
  3. Select the “privacy” tab.
  4. Turn on the Reuse option and click “all set!” to save your changes.
  5. Share the “social page” link so that the reuse option will appear. You did it!

When you want to turn off the Reuse feature, simply go through this process again, but uncheck the “reuse” option to disable it.

Reuse all the geniallys you’d like!

First, you need a Genially account to use this feature. Don’t have one yet? Create one, it’s free!

When you have your account, you’ll be able to access the thousands of geniallys that are available.

  • Want to see them all? Go to Genially and select Inspiration. Enable the “show reusable geniallys” filter to see all the options available. You can also apply other filters to further customize the results. For example, click on “media,” “corporate,” “education,” or “others” depending on your needs.
  • Has someone shared a reusable genially with you? Click on the “reuse genially” button that appears at the bottom. It will automatically open for easy editing. If you need help, here’s a tutorial on the steps to take.

On social media

Our awesome community also shares their reusable content on social media. On Twitter, you’ll find lots of content shared with the hashtags #ReusableGenially or #SharingGenially.


Here are some more examples of cool creations to reuse from various topics. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Go to Genially and visit the Inspiration section. They’re all there!


Europe Physical Map


Interactive CV


Book review

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Natalia De la Peña Frade
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