S’CAPE, the site of educational escape games

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Written by: Melanie Fenaert et Patrice Nadam
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A collective

S’CAPE is a collective of teachers and trainers created around the eponymous site which, since 2017, has been listing and analysing real or virtual educational escape games created by our colleagues. Indeed, since 2015, escape games have proved to be formidable teaching aids both in class and in training. Built around a challenge or a mission, their scenario and enigmas encourage investigation, cooperation and collaboration, cohesion and collective intelligence. 

Genially created by Audrey Fauque

Our activity is accompanied by advice, interviews with authors, and the referencing of various tools… We are developing a whole reflection on escape games and gaming in general, a reflection that we have been able to extend in our book “S’capade pédagogique avec les jeux d’évasion“.

Genially and escape games

In the field of online or semi-virtual games (partly with physical objects and virtual universe), Genially has gradually established itself among teachers. The ease of use of its interface makes it possible to quickly create the immersive universe essential for escape games.

S'CAPE, the site of educational escape games

Very early on, through our achievements (we can cite Escape from Tortuga released in 2017), we implemented many techniques and tricks: creation of digicode, virtual search, convergent navigation … They have their special place on our site in the section dedicated to Genially.

Further with Genially

Recently, during the boom in the use of Genially related to distance learning during lockdown, we have developed extensions that integrate new functionalities into the interface and multiply its possibilities.

Initially intended to offer new actions in escape games, (drag and drop, password, virtual locks, note taking, page reference, timer …), these tools are also used to create quizzes and other fun activities, turning Genially into an exercise machine. In particular, we have developed : 

  • The DND: allows to perform drag and drop in Genially pages. A future version will regroup the different features of the previous DND. 
  • YOUX: blocks vertically or horizontally the movements of an object.
  • The COUISE: allows you to create quizzes, text with holes, but also a simple login-password simulation.
  • The CAC: generates exercises with checkboxes.
  • The CRUZ: derived from the CAC, it allows you to display and hide an object with a click. It can be used to fill in a table, but also to create dynamic legends, generate 7 errors games, card games…  
  • Flip Flip: is a feature that allows to flip Genially objects (mirror effect or 90° rotation).
  • Tapuscrit: creates a typewriter effect to make a text progressively appear.
  • The Gicode: simulates a digicode on a single slide.
  • Télatepala: allows you to add a button in a page that will make objects appear or disappear.
  • TheMelodrama: is a function to be used in Standard navigation mode in order to mix standard mode and “video” with an automatic scrolling of the pages.
  • The RND: a “random generator” that randomly displays an item from a list of objects on a page. 

Our colleagues were quick to grasp our tools and express their needs. To meet their expectations and support their creativity, we are constantly improving our extensions and generating new ones. The results of our drag n drop contest demonstrate the potential richness of these functionalities.


If escape games can completely do without digital, it is clear that they increase the scenaristic possibilities (via fantastic sets easy to set up, or virtual reality…). At S’CAPE, we particularly like games that harmoniously mix real media and digital tools, increasing reality with a touch of magic. 

S'CAPE, the site of educational escape games

Genially occupies a prominent place among the digital tools favoured by teachers, particularly among the creators of educational escape games. Our site is enriched every day with examples and tutorials thanks to their sharing. The effervescence of the last few months around online activities should not make us forget the anchorage in reality, and the use of Genially associated with the real world of the classroom, for example as a support for collaborative work, a tool for student creativity, or during semi-virtual and real escape games. 

Melanie Fenaert et Patrice Nadam
Melanie Fenaert et Patrice Nadam
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