What is SCORM and what’s it used for? Meet the standard format for elearning content

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Written by: Ruth Martín
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Attention, elearning fans and superheroes! You may be interested to know the answer to this question: What could be better than a fun, interactive genially?

A fun, interactive genially that also allows you to measure your students’ progress, of course! And now it exists! Because engaging your students with interactive content is great, but if we can also make teachers’ lives easier and measure performance at the same time, well that’s even better!

It seems the SCORM format is here to stay and it’s ready and waiting to give you the power to convert your geniallys into something even greater.

Your teaching materials, complete with tracking. Thanks, SCORM!

If you design elearning materials, you might already know what we’re talking about. It’s not a Pokemon, or the newest vaccine… SCORM is something that’s responsible for making the lives of teachers and content creators much easier. Thanks to SCORM, it’s far easier to manage and track online or digital learning, as it allows you to see how students are interacting with the course content.

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model, which is a set of standards for the production and use of elearning content. In other words, any course or materials published in this format will work in any learning management system or platform that’s compatible with SCORM.

So you can confidently create your learning materials with the knowledge that they can be used in practically any LMS (Learning Management System), such as Moodle or Canvas.

And that’s just the beginning.

Genially + SCORM: Why we know you’ll love it

It’s like a fresh new collaboration from your favorite two singers of the moment, but better.

Up until now, you could design supercool geniallys as part of your course content, and what happened then? Well, anyone who had the pleasure of interacting with those geniallys was probably blown away by them. Probably. Maybe it was an educational escape game, a quiz, or some other resource packed full of motivation and creativity. Maybe you inserted it as part of the course content in the LMS. But then you didn’t really know if students accessed or completed it.

Until today.

You’ll still design your geniallys as you always have done; the Panel won’t change. But now you can also download your amazing creations in SCORM format as easily as you would expect from Genially; in just a few clicks, without complications. The Genially + SCORM formula has come along to give us the best of both technologies and help us discover how students connect to learning materials. You’ll know if they’ve accessed it and the percentage of the content they’ve viewed.

Sound complicated? It’s not! We’re going to give you some ideas for creating geniallys in SCORM format, creating more personalized learning experiences, and wowing students and teachers alike with your teaching materials.

How to make the most of SCORM tracking in your geniallys?

By planning future classes based on student interaction and performance

Imagine you’re designing educational materials for a blended learning model. In this case, the students have to be more active, autonomous, and responsible for their own learning. And to do that, they need new learning experiences that are more flexible and innovative.

And how can we create these kinds of experiences? With dynamic, interactive materials in the form of geniallys, of course!

This way, teachers share a series of resources with their students, which they should explore on their own at their own pace, often online and at home. Then, the most common next step would be that based on these learning materials, the students complete other activities in class in order to achieve their learning objectives.

And this is where SCORM works its magic, because once you download your geniallys as SCORM packs and upload them to the LMS, teachers will be able to check their students’ progress and whether they’re ready for their next in-class session.

Ah, and they’ll also know which materials work best and are most popular. Then they can make better decisions in order to complete a rich and innovative learning experience. Everyone wins!

For example, they can revise the content with a dynamic presentation like this one and students can have fun learning right through to completion.

Start creating

Added benefit: if the student exits halfway through the session, leaving the content unfinished, it’s ok because when they come back they can pick up where they left off. They can come and go, learning at their own pace and having fun while learning (and the teachers will be happy too because they can check progress in the blink of an eye).

Infographics, timelines, games, dynamic presentations… With Genially and SCORM, your blended learning experiences will be unique and full of life.

By assessing achievement in gamified learning experiences

Learning while playing and having fun is always a good idea; that’s why we love gamification and all the resources and options it provides. As well as capturing students’ attention and motivating them to rise to the challenges and complete their tasks, it shows them their errors in a more relaxed, informal way.

For example, if they’re going through some materials or an activity and they can’t make it to the end, not to worry! It’s a good time to stop and revise some concepts, help them to understand why they couldn’t make it through, and encourage them to try again.

And what does SCORM have to do with all this? Well, as the students’ progress is recorded in the LMS, the teacher will be able to check if they completed and therefore understood the topic or not. This way, the teacher can return to and spend more time on the topics that cause the most problems in the classroom.

The same is true with educational breakouts. They’re great for refreshing or revising knowledge through various different challenges, but also for strengthening students’ other personal soft skills and abilities, such as teamwork, collaboration, and critical thinking. And now it’ll be easier than ever to check if they’ve been able to solve all the puzzles.

Encourage your students to work in teams until they solve the challenge and discover the impostor. With an interactive escape game like this, they won’t want to stop until they’ve reached the end!

Create your escape game

Now teachers can track the learning materials that their students consume and know which kinds of tests and challenges engage them the most. The result? More enjoyable and personalized classes and happier students.

By preparing students for active learning

When we start working with active methodologies in the classroom, it’s normal to get a bit lost in all the dynamics, roles, and approaches at first. But if teachers get a little confused, imagine what it’s like for the students.

With these types of methodologies, with processes that call for more and more student autonomy and involvement, why not create special learning materials to guide the students in the first steps of their learning through active methodologies?

For example, we could create a presentation or guide that explains the objectives and skills to be acquired, the problem to be solved, and the roles they should play. This is a good way to help students understand the nature of the project and the importance of each person in moving it forward.

It’s a good idea to begin a topic with a learning module like this one. Not only will it help them to plan, but it will make them feel more like the protagonists in their own learning process and help them understand how they can work together.

Use this template

After completing the presentation, thanks to the tracking we can check if they’ve reached the end and revised all of the instructions given. In this case, we’ll know they’re ready for action.

Yep, SCORM’s got everything covered.

How to make a trackable genially in SCORM format

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using Genially for some time or you’ve just discovered it, the process of creating and downloading your content in SCORM format could not be simpler.

You design it like you would any other genially, and when you’re happy with it, you download it as a SCORM pack and you’re all set. We’ll ask you to select some settings in order to personalize it, such as the percentage of viewed content that you want for the course to be considered complete.

Et voilà! Your freshly baked SCORM is all ready to export to your LMS.

And, as we mentioned before, there’s no need to worry about compatibility with the learning materials you create in Genially; your LMS will eat them right up. Moodle? Canvas? Blackboard? The list of LMS that are compatible with your SCORM packs is as long as your arm. You just focus on unleashing that creativity of yours.

Want to learn more? Check out this tutorial and you’ll soon be converting your geniallys to SCORM packs like a pro.

Interactivity + tracking. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And it can only get better, because very soon you’ll be able to track even more parameters in your geniallys. So if you create educational materials and are a fan of Genially, you’re in luck! Your creations will be as awesome and interactive as always, but now you can track the progress of all the people that interact with them.

Ruth Martín
Ruth Martín
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