Quiz: Tell me how you teach, and I’ll tell you which Genially teacher you are

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May 9, 2023


“What do my students think of me?”

“What did they think about today’s class?”

“What kind of teacher am I?”

If you’re a teacher, these questions probably run through your mind every day. And that’s totally normal! At some point everybody wonders how other people see them. For teachers, who spend so many hours working flat out to help their students, this problem can be even worse. 

That’s why it’s important to get to know yourself better and learn how to improve your teaching to maximize all that time spent in the classroom.  

The good news is that you can now find out which type of Genially teacher you are. Yes, you read it right: there are 8 types of Genially teacher. Which one you are depends on your level of experience using Genially, the skills that you focus on developing in your students, and the classroom dynamics that you prefer.

Intrigued to learn about the 8 types of Genially teacher? Here they are: 

  1. The tenacious teacher

Organization and efficiency: that’s you, hands down! Your students know that they can always turn to you for help and answers to their questions: you’re there to guide them every step of the way while giving them full autonomy. 

  1. The gamer teacher

3,2,1….Go! If you’re a fan of games and their educational potential in the classroom, you’re a gamer at heart. There aren’t many things as motivating as the thrill of a competition and having fun in the process.

  1. The stellar teacher

You know that your class is having a great time when everyone’s figuring out the answers together and playing as a team. Activities based on a TV game show format are a great option. Fun + Learning guaranteed!

  1. The disruptive teacher

An innovative activity? Bring it on! A totally original template? Hand it over! If you love trying the latest thing and you’re not afraid of new challenges, you’re in the right place. Psst: Have you seen the new templates?

  1. The ingenious teacher

You’re always coming up with cool ideas for your classes, which your students love. Keep developing that ingenuity, it’s the key to great learning experiences.

  1. The inspiring teacher

If you ask your students what they like most about your classes, they’ll probably tell you it’s how you set an inspiring example and motivate them with your teaching style. Keep up the good work!

  1. The spellbinding teacher

Wingardium levitosa? Abracadabra? You don’t need any spells because you already know how to add a touch of magic to your classes with activities that bring out the best in your students. What’s your next trick gonna be?

  1. The creative teacher

Imagination is your middle name. Students and teachers are always asking you for tips on the most creative resources and activities. You’re a goldmine of brilliantly original and creative ideas!

Recognize yourself in one of these 8 teacher types? Find out which one you really are with this interactive quiz, designed exclusively for genius teachers. We know you’re pressed for time so we’ve made it short and sweet. In less than a minute you’ll discover:

  • Which type of Genially teacher you are
  • A selection of recommended class templates, based on your teaching style
  • Inspiration and ready-to-use resources designed for you.

Ready to discover which type of Genially teacher you are? Click to find out:

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