How important is technology in education?

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Written by: Margarita González del Hierro
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In this post, we’ll talk about how useful tech and digital tools are for education centers, students and educators. Together, we’ll explore how tech can make an education center great.

How important is technology in education?

The education world is currently in a period of incredible innovation where new ideas are enriching classrooms. Tech is considered just another part of most education centers for all ages and educational levels. You can see this development in centers’ classrooms, admin and common areas. This shouldn’t come as any surprise since tech solutions are capable of meeting our everyday communication needs.

How does the use of digital tools help my education center?

Increasingly, education centers are aspiring to digital innovation,  using tech in their offices and classrooms and looking to learn more. They find that tech:

Helps deal with large quantities of information

Managing the volume of information that centers work with is complicated. Nevertheless, versatile digital tools allow centers to process and communicate content simply and effectively.

Brings people together

This is true in two ways. Firstly, thanks to the Internet, we can form part of communities searching for a more effective and motivational learning experience. Secondly, tech allows us to create immersive environments where your information appears in layers by importance. These worlds you create are then ready to be shared with your education community: employees, families, educators and students. Centers that work with effective digital tools achieve better results.

Is at your service

Tech is much more than secondary help. Combined with the center’s lesson plans, programs and projects, it allows us to be on the forefront of progress in education.

Improves the teaching and learning process

Educational materials and tools (including digital tools and platforms) have a big influence on the teaching and learning process. They improve the classroom environment, creating flexible learning environments that can be easily adapted to each education center’s needs.

Centers use digital tools to revolutionize the way they teach and communicate. They innovate, making the leap from learning technologies to technologies for learning and comprehension.

How important is technology in education?

5 advantages for students

Every education center wants to support student achievement. Tech in the classroom could be the key to help your students be successful learners. Here are 5 ways that digital tools can help your students:

From digital natives to true digital competence

We often hear about the “digital generation” and assume that our students are pros at using tech tools. The use of technology and digital tools in the classroom allows teachers to show students new as well as appropriate uses of these tools. Digital tools will help you teach your students to use technology diligently, using critical thinking and new knowledge. Help students craft their own digital identity in a way that’s smart and consistent so that they’re ready for a world of increasing innovation and change.

Content that adapts to students’ learning needs

The generation currently in our classrooms prefers to experience and discover knowledge. While educators were often taught through patterns and models, our students enjoy trying new methods and exploring information for themselves. They learn by doing. Technology can meet these needs because each students can use its content according to their personal learning style.

From passive to active learners

With the current trends changing students’ role in the classroom, tech has a lot to offer. The use of electronic devices, digital tools and creations made with them shift students from passive to active agents in their own learning. They become the protagonists of their own learning process, and the teacher guides this process.

Learn in a meaningful way

Digital tools allow us to apply strategies like gamification and flipped classroom methods to maximize learning. Technology allows us to make more motivational and meaningful lessons by increasing students’ excitement to learn. When our mind is entertained, it absorbs concepts better. Also, students’ stress levels decrease in fun environments, improving overall learning.

Prepared for the future

Digital tools help us develop skills necessary for students’ professional development in a context made more similar to the real world. These skills include problem solving, the creation of structure and a more complete understanding of processes. Our students are being prepared for a future increasingly tied to technology.

How important is technology in education?

5 advantages for educators

Contextualizing learning can take more than a whiteboard, a book and some slides. Technology has become an integral part of our students’ lives. Technology is, and will continue to be, part of education centers and classrooms. This is good news because when used with good criteria, it can help us in our work as educators. Here are 5 key advantages of tech for teachers:

Teach according to your students’ real needs

The abilities and skills our students acquire in the classroom will be key for their future. We want to teach our students skills and habits that aid their personal and professional development. Correct use of technological resources will help us communicate knowledge in a way that motivates our students. It ultimately allows us to be more effective guides in their learning.

Reach your educational goals quickly

We can find digital tools with templates and resources to make our work as teachers more efficient. Make good use of easy-to-use tools so that your message reaches your students in a meaningful way. Find platforms that allow you to teach and share information in layers to encourage exploration and gamify your lessons. Make your lessons memorable.

Design your own educational resources

How many times have we found that a book or resource needed an additional element to be perfect? Or maybe we’ve been looking to put a more motivational spin on an activity we’d developed. Digital tools allow us to create our own resources like didactic units, entire games, infographics and videos. We can also create resources that work with concepts across different disciplines, fine tuning critical thinking and improving the retention of information to prepare students for the real world.

Improve your digital competence

Digital tools help us stay up to date with how to use new tech in the classroom, and we can be supported in improving our digital competence with training in how to use and manage these tools.

Focus the information, customize teaching

Trends in education along with tech help us make information easier to take in because they allow educators to outline content and highlight what’s most relevant. They free us from routine so that we can dedicate ourselves to more professional and creative work with more class time to guide and follow up with our students and meet their specific needs.

How important is technology in education?

Genially in education centers

Genially is much more than a tool to create interactive communication experiences and educational content for this generation; it’s at the forefront of a revolution in the education sector. Genially is an innovative tool that makes tech serve the people to improve learning and comprehension.

Visual communication

Visual language is picked up intuitively and is a fundamental element when communicating information. Genially facilitates learning with a foundation in visual communication through interactivity, animation and storytelling. It helps us to communicate visually in a way that’s effective and generates impactful communication experiences.

Group work in the cloud

Centers can work collaboratively, sharing resources and creations with a tool that’s intuitive, flexible and customizable. Working together, you’ll be able to communicate the mission, vision and values of your center by showcasing the center’s identity through its colors, logos, fonts and institutional images. Administrators will soon be able to quickly and easily manage its center’s accounts.

For everyone

Education centers benefit in and out of the classroom in their: administration, internal communication, training, relationships with families, etc. Each day, they can receive information created with Genially or use Genially to take old Powerpoint creations to the next level. They can also develop new projects making use of over 800 available templates to create stunning interactive and animated content that helps improve how they teach, present, communicate, and share.

Stand-out value

With Genially, educators stand out by transforming their students’ education through innovation. Genially is easily adapted to any methodology or classroom routine, allowing educators to communicate, teach and peak students’ interest like never before. They can develop their material for the classroom–interactive books, quizzes, breakouts, etc.–while developing their own digital competence. Genially’s easy-to-use, intuitive interface enriches collaborative work and embraces cloud technology, making Genially an essential teaching tool.

Students benefit from the material prepared by teachers and can make their own creative content, allowing them to express themselves. Their creations can be showcased in an online library of student work, and they can take pride in their role as agents of change for themselves, those close to them and their community. Watch as they discover and surpass their limits.

How important is technology in education?

The formula for success

Now is the moment to bring your lesson content to life to generate interactive learning experiences for a 21st century education model. Genially has the formula for success:


It’s the best way to capture students’ attention. Educators bring their content to life to make classes fun and interesting to students. The tool facilitates students’ independence by giving them a study environment that’s flexible, adaptable and ready to be explored. They’ll love to be a part of it. You can achieve unique content that students enjoy by adding layers of information to your creations (like in interactive infograohics).


Genially turns lessons into art by narrating stories that teach. Through the use of storytelling, you’ll make learning environments that help put your lessons into a real-life context. Stories aren’t one-dimensional. Make the most of your narrative by adding graphic resources. Improve retention, critical thinking and creativity by using visual metaphors.


Excitement is a foundation for learning. In a gamified classroom, students become protagonists in their own learning. Games improve motivation, concentration and even conflict resolution. Genially helps create gamification experiences with elements that can be explored and discovered. This achieves greater student involvement and higher information retention rates. It should be no surprise that when students are excited to learn, they learn more.


Genially takes learning to a new level. Animated elements don’t just bring content to life. They’re also perfect for organizing and presenting ideas in order of importance, helping students focus on the concepts that matter most. Added visual effects enrich classes and transform static content into stunning animated creations to unlock a new world of learning.

Plus, its intuitive interface, collaborative work options and cloud features make Genially a must in the classroom. Combine the power of design with the latest content to take your educational material to the next level.

Our Commitment: Genius Centers

Teaching in the 21st century should be responsive to change, embracing innovation and best practices. It’s never been so important to stay connected and make good use of technology. Education centers make important decisions to encourage better teaching and a stronger community. There are tools to help do just that.

Genially has created the Genius Centers Initiative with participation from education centers around the world. These centers share in some genius advantages:

Community and support

Being a Genius Center means you’re part of a network, and you’ll be able to connect with other centers to share experiences, resources and ideas. As a community member, you’ll also receive exclusive support.


We’ll be your partner in the process, providing information about the Genially tool. Furthermore, we want to help you be a Genius Center through training for your educators on digital innovation in your sector.


Through training and design support, we’ll help you create your own resources and stand out with the corporate identity of your center.


In order to increase engagement and effective learning outcomes, Genius Centers will benefit from enriched content as well as support sharing of some of its events on our website and social media pages to help entice new audiences and potential students or employees.

All this, of course, for a low price adjusted to the real needs of education centers.

If you want to stand out as a group of innovative educators, Genially is the tool your center needs.

How important is technology in education?

How can I join?

If you’re interested in forming part of our network of Genius Centers, write to Tom ( for more information.

Margarita González del Hierro
Margarita González del Hierro
Biologist, Designer, Maker and Teacher. Specialized in Scientific Communication. I combine my passions working as Head of Training at Genially.
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