Back-to-class templates: New edition

Here are the free resources you need to breeze through the challenges of your daily life as a teacher or university professor.
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August 22, 2023


Each year, going back to class is an adventure that makes Indiana Jones’ escapades look like a walk in the park, right? New rules, new management, new challenges, new faces…

There are also some things that never change. Year after year, thousands of teachers seek inspiration for creating their classroom resources, planning their curriculum, getting their students’ attention and motivating them, organizing work more quickly, etc. If you’re a teacher and are looking for similar inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you a college professor? Your kit is here 😉

Back-to-class kit for elementary to high school teachers

We’ve got a special Back-to-Class Templates Kit for you. These templates are like automatic content generators that you can use to create your own resources faster and with less effort. There are templates for breaking the ice, organizing your subject study plans, teaching classes, gamifying, you name it.

Here’s a selection of the templates that we think you’ll find most useful during the first few days.

Templates for planning your classes 

1. Subject guide

Everything ready for day one? If you start the year off as well organized as you can be, you’ll set the tone for the rest of the year. In this template, you can organize all the information about your subject very easily: calendar, materials, resources, etc.


Subject guide

When it’s ready, share it with your students and/or their families; just send them the link! You can also insert it into Google Classroom or your LMS. 

The best thing about this template isn’t how much it helps organize your subject. Having all this information available to your students is also a great way to boost their motivation and autonomy. And of course, having more autonomy can also help improve their self-esteem.  

2. PT conference invitation

The back-to-school parents’ meeting is approaching. Why send any old invite to families when you can surprise them and stand out from day one? Editing this template will only take a few minutes and it’s a great way to show what a true professional you are, as well as a useful tool for improving communication.


PT Conference invitation

There’s room to add as much information as you want, and you can even ask questions to find out what you need to know. For example, what do they expect from this school year, what would they like them to learn, or what would they like them to improve on, etc. Start a conversation!

3. Learning scenario canvas

Want a little help preparing your learning scenarios? Genially to the rescue! You’ll find it much easier if you follow the structure of this template, and you can make sure you don’t forget any sections. The result will be interactive learning scenarios with an incredible design. Start setting trends as a teacher-influencer!


Learning Scenario Canvas

A template to break the ice

4. My back to school


My back to school

Reliving the best moments of summer is a good way to break the ice in the first few days, even if you already know each other. This template is ideal for encouraging interaction between your students, getting them involved, and getting communication flowing. Everyone will be eager to share their best summer moments.

Say yes to gamification

5. PREMIUM: Clues deduction game

There’s one sure-fire way to get those minds working and overcome a sluggish start: playing games. It never fails! A mystery game will help you enhance observation skills, hypothesis creation, or teamwork. And, if you don’t already know your group, you can watch how they interact and how they tackle the task.


Clues Deduction Game

If you think making a Cluedo-type game is a lot of work, this template will surprise you: just edit the texts. Remember, without motivation there is no learning, so let’s boost motivation to the max!

6. Truth or lie quiz

A quiz is your best ally for reviewing any topic in a dynamic and fun way. It will be very effective for seeing what they remember and identifying what needs to be revised or focused on. Best of all, when they get into the game, they barely even realize they’re revising. The whole class will want to get involved, you’ll see.


Truth or lie quiz

Templates kit for university professors

In this kit, you’ll find over 50 free templates for creating any kind of content you need in your day-to-day life as a university professor. Use them to save time and stand out with more engaging and effective teaching content. And, as you know, sharing is caring: send it to the rest of the teaching team to make everyone’s lives easier!

Selection: templates to use at University

In the kit you’ll find awesome templates like these:

1. Faculty guide


Faculty Guide

All the information about your faculty fits neatly into this template: the introduction video, social media, information about the different courses… all in the same place. This is the kind of content that drives people to enroll in your college.

What’s more, the navigation is very intuitive. Anyone viewing your creation can access the section they want with just one click. Make it easy for them!

2. 5 whys 

As we all well know, to understand a problem, you need to understand its causes. And this is the ideal template for explaining the causes of any issue, as it’s got an excellent effort-result ratio, both when creating the resource and when consulting it. 


5 Whys

By using this structure, you allow your students to capture the main information at a glance. Then they can delve into each cause at their own pace, and thus better assimilate the content.

3. Concept map


Concept Map

When you were a student, I’m sure you made hundreds of concept maps, summaries, and diagrams to help you memorize the material, right? Well, the tables of today are interactive and super visual. They’ve got a significant edge on what we used to do on paper: you can add images, videos, audios…

Including content in different formats helps break the monotony of studying, which will have a very positive impact on learning.

4. Data dashboard

When it’s visual, we remember it better, and especially if it’s also interactive!  Add information on any topic to this infographic template. Maps, videos, data… It’s very easy to create interactive teaching content that will reel your students in right away.


Data dashboard

5. Case study  

In this interactive template you can introduce your students to a case study model that they can use as a reference. Case studies are a very effective tool for your students to help them understand the key concepts of any topic and develop their ability to practice what they have learned. Inspire your students to create their own!


Case study

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