The 10 best Genially templates for planning your classes

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Written by: Meri Millán
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For us at Genially, the education community feels like family, and we know what you’re looking to do: motivate and engage your students from day 1, whether you’re teaching in person, online, or with a hybrid model.

If you’re already familiar with our tool, you know our trick: creating interactive and gamified digital learning materials to make learning more fun. With Genially’s templates, it couldn’t be easier. Though creating content takes time, in this post we’re using templates to give you 10 great ideas. Trust us, they’ll give you superpowers when it’s time to prep your classes.

Templates for planning your classes

1. School calendar

First thing’s first. What activities and events do you have coming up in the next few months? This annual school calendar has everything you need to provide the necessary information to your students and their families. Put the months in order according to your school year, and include tooltips and buttons to mark important dates.

2. Interactive Classroom

Want to highlight the most important information in your classes so that your students will remember it more easily? Do it visually with this template. It’s so interactive that it’s impossible not to explore. Click the interactivity icon to discover all of the interactive elements. 

3. Online learning dossier

The design and colors of this template may well remind you of a certain search engine. If so, you wouldn’t be wrong. Our design team here at Genially based it on this style in order to bring us closer to the world of EdTech. With this template, you’ll be able to create a learning guide online, with sections to allow you to group related content. 

Templates for creating great content

4. Interactive blackboard

Planning your daily activities and want it to be more visual and fun? You can do that with this blackboard template, designed to put an end to all distractions. It’s got a chalk effect, animations, and all resources necessary to energize your classes. And you’ll have your content in the cloud, just a click away.

5. Timeline

It comes as no surprise to us that our interactive timelines are one of the most in demand resources among the education community. This informational resource works great to help students learn different series of events that happen over a determined period of time. This dinosaur template is always a winner, but you can search for other subjects from your Panel.

back to school

Prepare the most interactive back to school ever

6. Mind map

Your students’ minds can be full of disorganized concepts. Help them learn in a creative way with a mind map. As well as being a very useful tool for remembering main concepts, a mind map is also a great way of teaching them how to really learn rather than simply memorizing content. 

Gamification templates with a high dose of fun

7. Trivial Quiz

Who would have dreamt that you could play one of the world’s most famous board games with your students, digitally?! Use this template to teach new content through play, or to revise last year’s content. It is also fantastic for promoting teamwork if you encourage them to find the correct answer in groups.

8. Escape room

You’re probably a big fan of escape rooms and educational breakouts. In this fun gamification, your students embark upon a great mission: to recover the works of art which have been stolen from a museum. Edit the content to include your own questions and off they go! 

9. Hangman game

To revitalize your class and have some fun, sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple word game: the classic Hangman! Think of a word related to the content of your lesson and put your students to the test. Will they guess the word on time?

10. Historic facts game

If you want to be sure that your students have learned the correct chronological order of certain content, try this nifty template. In this case the goal is to put 5 historic events in chronological order, using the dragging function, but you can swap it out for your own content and adapt it to your subject. 

Extra template! A special addition for chemistry teachers. If you’re going to teach the periodic table, we can’t think of a better way than with this template. The interactivity and design will help students get a grasp of the elements quickly.

Meri Millán
Meri Millán
"La curiosidad sobre la vida sigue siendo el secreto de las personas creativas"
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