7 types of interactive content for social media & when to use them

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If you aren’t on social media, you really aren’t doing business right in 2021. 

Social media is here to stay, with the average user spending at least 2.5 hours on a platform each and every day. Let’s get this straight: that’s 2.5 hours where you, as a business, could be reaching out to potential customers. Seems like a great opportunity, right? 

Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to get noticed on social media than you may think. It’s not enough to simply create a profile and use relevant LinkedIn hashtags – you’re competing with a tsunami of competition: not only small businesses but also large corps that have recognized the potential in social media. 

With a completely saturated market, it’s no wonder so many businesses have fallen to the depths of unclickable, forgettable content. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Interactive content is the latest thing to sweep the profiles of many businesses – and unlike other trending media, it isn’t a phase. In fact, 73% of marketers have stated that using interactive content within their current marketing methods, has helped enhance the retention of their organization’s message. That’s a statistic you can’t afford to miss out on. 

However, it’s fair to say not everyone is an expert on content marketing, and you may not be familiar with the likes of interactive content. Don’t let that stop you! Your business could be producing viral, binge-worthy content before you know it – you just need to know the secrets to what works.

Here are 7 different types of interactive content for social media: successful examples, and when you too can use them. 

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What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is content that requires active engagement from users. 

Not to be confused with passive content, i.e. a blog article, which is great for building brand awareness but may not be quintessential in creating leaders or boosting conversions. 

Active content, like interactive posts, involves a collaboration between audience and content, creating a far more compelling experience. As audiences become more and more demanding over finding engaging content, the more traditional content types have dramatically decreased. Interactive content, on the other hand, is here to stay. 

As a matter of fact, you’ve probably encountered interactive content at some point in your internet journey, without even realizing it. The most common forms of interactive content are as follows: infographics, interactive video, quizzes, ebooks/whitepapers, polls, data visualizations, and augmented reality (AR).

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Benefits of Interactive Content

From where we stand, the evidence is pretty convincing: businesses that invest in interactive content see positive effects in all stages of their marketing funnel. Interactive posts are immersive – users, in general, will spend more time interacting with content that rewards them with a result and requires their participation. 

Interactive content is also an excellent way of ensuring your business stands out from the crowd. More businesses are creating social media profiles every single day – the one thing you don’t want to do is blend in. Have a game plan in mind, figure out which kind of interactive content will best showcase your products or services, and what would most appeal to your buyer persona. 

Where Genially Can Help

If you need help with finding the right interactive content for your business, Genially has mastered the art of interactive visual communication. From video presentations to training materials for all your outsourcing needs, you can create excellent social media content – wherever you are!

Plus, if you’re a beginner with the likes of interactive content, check out Genially’s online editor: advanced tools with no download, a super easy-to-use editor that allows you to explore the world of engaging content. 

7 Types of Interactive Content:


Although a static infographic is better than no infographic – what can we say, we’re visual creatures – it can be easily improved further with interactive elements. 

Engaging your audience with an interactive infographic is one sure-fire way of making your campaign memorable. You can display a ton of information, without having to worry that you’re boring your audience enough to opt out. Because of this, they’re great to use around the start of your social media campaign, in order to increase brand awareness as well as education for your audience.

Interactive Video

The interactive video is a great way to create a more fun and engaging experience for your audience. No longer limited to the linear “click and play” model, an interactive video allows the user total control and thus a deeper engagement with your content. 

Here are the more common formats adopted within interactive video:

  • 360˚ viewing: allows the user to see in all directions instead of the typical 145mm x 70mm format. 
  • Data inputs: users can input data within the video, creating different results.
  • Hotspots: different elements within the video become highlighted and can be accessed depending on what the user clicks on – this can sometimes lead to an external page being displayed.
  • Branches: effectively allows the viewer to act as the video creator, and customize the content they see, throughout the video!

Interactive video can be incorporated onto your social media channels at any point, although it’s best to use them as the stellar product they are, and not completely overload your audience. An occasional interactive video will do the job of providing a breath of fresh air from static content.


Not only is this type of interactive content super engaging for social media, but it’s also a great way of discovering more about your audience. 

Who are they? Where are they based? What are they more likely to click on, and interact with? You can ask all these questions in a cleverly disguised quiz; the user gets to complete a fun piece of interactive content, and you gain some priceless insight!

The leading independent digital media company, Buzzfeed, have become known for their fun and kooky personality quizzes – one of their most popular being, “This Sorting Quiz Will Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Truly Belong In”.

It’s important to know that just because a light-hearted personality quiz isn’t your brand, there are still plenty of options for you to choose from, including:

  • Career quizzes: allows the user to fill out some information and be assigned a potential career based on their choices
  • Health quizzes: users are given suggested health stats and advice based on their choices
  • Marketing quizzes: whether through social media, or standardized digital marketing, these quizzes allow your business to gain insights into the habits of the consumer, and thus create higher-quality, more tailored content. 


Essentially, an ebook is more of a collection of interactive content, rather than a singular piece. There can be many touch points within an ebook that the user can interact with –  including video/audio, links, and more. 

Interactive ebooks are also an effective way of figuring out the pain points or opportunities of your brand or product – creating a more seamless feedback experience for both business and customer.


Similar to quizzes, polls are a very handy way of gaining immediate (and valuable) feedback from your audience. The difference is, polls usually contain one question – so receiving feedback through this format is a much quicker process. 

For their effective and reliable harboring of information, polls are one of the more favorite interactive content types for social media giants – Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all have poll features on their respective apps. 

In fact, Twitter has created an article on 4 of the most engaging poll ideas for businesses!

As a type of content, polls can really be used anytime and anywhere. They’re super easy to incorporate into your campaign, and take no time to set up! Plus, if you’re ever in need of some quick feedback, a poll can save the day – nobody can resist engaging with a poll…

Data Visualization

Data visualization involves using the latest in data analysis software, to able users to directly work with/explore graphical representations of data. Although they may be less fun than an interactive infographic when it comes to displaying data, they can be incredibly insightful for a user to engage with. 

23 Types of interactive Graphs & Charts.
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Here are some common interactions used within data visualization tools:

  • Brushing: the user controls a paintbrush that directly changes the color of a plot, either by drawing an outline or by using the brush itself as a pointer. Brushing is typically used when multiple plots are visible and a linking mechanism exists between the plots.
  • Painting: similar to brushing, but more persistent, the user follows subsequent operations to compare the groups.
  • Identification: the user hovers over a particular element within the plot, causing the appearance of an identification label.  
  • Scaling: the user can change a plot’s aspect ratio, and reveal different data features, including zooming in on dense regions of plot.

You want to make sure your data visualization content is accessible and actionable for your audience – don’t go making something too complex that your customers won’t want to interact with! 

If you’re stuck with where/how to begin, maybe consider hiring a developer or programming expert, to help shape the right data visualization content for your business.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality or AR, is a great way of immersing your audience within your product. Not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality provides an altered experience to real-world surroundings/products using digitally generated imagery and content.

The elevated use of sensory perception – through various graphics and media – can seriously help showcase your brand, as well as make it stand out amongst the competition. 

Plus, AR content is great on social media, as it can be easily accessed through mobile or tablet! That way, your audience can engage with these types of posts from the comfort of their sofa.

IKEA has used this type of interactive content incredibly well, which has helped boost their social media campaigns, and secure trust within their brand. They’ve taken the approach of an AR app:

Again, AR is another investment when it comes to interactive content – unlike a quick poll, you will need to consult the experts to find someone to help you with your AR project. However, when used correctly, it can be the key to skyrocketing your campaign and making your brand appear as huge competition in the digital space.

Need help creating interactive posts?

Twine’s community of 410,000+ highly skilled freelancers can take the guesswork out of creating interactive posts and other kinds of content. This is a great option if you’d like to put your message in the hands of an expert. Harness the power of interactive marketing for your message while saving yourself time and effort.

With all of that being said, maybe it’s high time you consider including interactive content within your social media?

Tannah Cantrell

Originally, a freelance painter and writer, Tannah Cantrell is a Digital Marketing Executive at Twine - an online marketplace that helps creative freelancers connect with clients and start building their dream careers.

Tannah Cantrell
Tannah Cantrell
Originally, a freelance painter and writer, Tannah Cantrell is a Digital Marketing Executive at Twine - an online marketplace that helps creative freelancers connect with clients and start building their dream careers.

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