Can content improve the training experience? Jeff confirms that with Genially, it can

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Jeff and its main goals

“Are you able to do what you enjoy, worry-free?” This is the question that Jeff, the super app of comprehensive services for care and well-being, asks us. Its mission is to create the first omnichannel ecosystem of day-to-day services and to offer the best solution to its users to make their lives easier. You may be wondering, “How?” The answer: by having everything you need in one click.

Clothes washed and ironed in 48 hours, beauty treatments, yoga or pilates classes or relaxation sessions. Any of these day-to-day activities are what Jeff offers to promote the so-called “good life.” That’s why through its app, Jeff offers laundry services (Mr. Jeff), beauty services (Beauty Jeff), fitness services (Fit Jeff), and massage services (Relax Jeff) so that its users look, feel, and live well.

Logo Jeff Startup

Here are some cool things about Jeff’s global service network:

  • There are over 2,000 participating businesses in more than 40 countries around the world
  • Jeff’s service is already active on 4 continents
  • Its global team has people from more than 25 nationalities
  • Among them, they speak more than 20 languages, making it an international super app aimed at everyone.

Don’t forget these figures, because they’ll help you understand the big challenge Jeff has overcome and how Genially played a key role in their solution.

The big challenge the app faced

As you can imagine, these figures have gotten Jeff closer and closer to achieving its mission: to be the world’s first global omnichannel ecosystem for day-to-day services.

The app’s main goal for 2020 was to be present in more than 40 countries, something they achieved thanks to their exponential growth. Its franchise-based technology model makes this explosive growth translate into more Jeff stores around the world, but also the need to train these franchises and convey the company’s expertise.

Given Jeff’s accelerated rate of growth, face-to-face training for the new stores was neither viable nor scalable, so the app had to have an alternative. It needed a scalable solution that would allow it to have the content needed for training in more than 20 languages; a solution that optimizes resources and maximizes learning outcomes and experience.

In response, the Jeff Academy was born, an online platform that allows them to create interactive content to empower Jeff stores and that, above all, facilitates the scalability they needed in the professional training process without compromising on quality.

The solution that Genially provides

One thing the super app was certain of was that it needed to create materials for the training on a platform that would give it life and interactivity and that offered the ability to quickly and easily update their content. And Genially was the right tool to achieve every requirement Jeff’s team needed to meet.

Although video content remains the primary format for Jeff’s Learning team, creating certain content with Genially helps them not only bring interactivity to creations, but also easily manage the creation and editing of their material.

That’s why work processes and training outcomes have improved exponentially since Jeff Academy’s team started using Genially.

As an all-in-one tool, Genially not only improved the experience of Jeff stores joining the app, but it also turned out to be a very simple way to create and design the interactive content they needed from the Learning team.

“We needed a tool to create more interactive resources, an alternative that would improve the learning experience of our franchises while being easy to use for our entire team, and that was what Genially offered us”


Paula Pla, Learning Manager at Jeff   Paula Pla, Learning Manager at Jeff

How does Jeff use a tool like Genially? 

Paula Pla, Learning Manager at Jeff, tells us that the team that creates and designs interactive content with Genially consists mainly of video editors with knowledge of design tools, composition, and visual communication tools. Not being graphic designers doesn’t stop them from creating amazing content that engages franchises.

Layout Jeff Startup

The versatility of an all-in-one tool like Genially helps them embed content in a simple way, such as ready-to-download PDF files. Paula tells us that, thanks to interactivity, they can link a genially in other geniallys, and this allows them to use Genially as a mini platform without having to create a landing page.

It also allows them to have the necessary information always up to date in real time, without having to spend too much time editing content.

Jeff’s interactive content helps encourage exploration during training.

“Genially’s interactivity helps us highlight the most important content, putting the focus on the parts we want emphasized.”


Guillermo Verdejo, Video Editor Team Leader at Jeff   Guillermo Verdejo, Video Editor Team Leader at Jeff

Franchises feel more empowered and motivated to learn when they interact with the content that the app provides them. In addition, it turns the process into “a la carte” learning, as it is the partners themselves who decide what they want to learn.

“When you create e-learning content you should also be able to make the content engaging. You have to sell it, and Genially helps a lot with this. The content is entertaining.”


Guillermo Verdejo, Video Editor Team Leader at Jeff   Guillermo Verdejo, Video Editor Team Leader at Jeff

As a result of the good reception from the partners, the content microlearning modules created with Geniallys received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from the franchises.

This good experience with Genially has led to Jeff’s team not only using the tool to create content that trains their international franchises, but also using Genially to send emails with updates and create content for their help center.

Without a doubt, working with Genially helps Jeff create the interactive content he needs in a simple and scalable way, improve the learning experience of its franchises and, of course, open up endless possibilities for interactive content that improves and facilitates communication.

Examples of amazing interactive content

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