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Environmental knowledge and sustainable habits can be acquired at a young age. With Genially and EkoEksperymentarium, nearly one hundred fifty thousand children are learning about sustainable practices  in Poland.  It’s the most ambitious education program ever created with Genially.

EkoEksperymentarium is a free online educational game whose ultimate aim is for people of all ages to learn sustainable habits while playing and having fun. This game is part of an extensive program which includes additional learning resources for educators, thematic materials, and communication campaigns on social media and the radio as well as in the press.

We love seeing Genially used for a cause that aligns with our values, and we’re proud to be cheering it on.  Is there anything more important than saving the planet?

Eco-friendly daily habits 

Thanks to EkoEksperymentarium, it is possible to learn about and be aware of the importance of everyday sustainable habits starting in early childhood.

This project implements the best gamification practices to encourage learning through games. 

The games are placed in the different rooms of an online house, the Ticklish family’s house. These games are fun and dynamic and were created with input from educators. In the living room, kids learn about energy efficiency and natural resources. If they move to the bathroom, they learn about saving water. Lastly, in the kitchen, they learn all about waste and how to decrease the quantity they produce.

This setup makes it easy to learn sustainable habits as it demonstrates them within a real-life context in the games and moves between the realms of learning and practice. 

A very important challenge

EkoEksperymentarium’s big challenge is to teach young children and their families about environmental issues and practices. It accomplishes this from a perspective that avoids fear-based learning and instead provides simple, effective and applicable solutions for day-to-day life.

The key to the initiative’s success is explaining complex issues in simple language through content that references everyday habits.

Without IT expertise, gamifying this whole educational process seemed overwhelmingly complicated. The team did not want to collaborate with programmers to create their games. What they needed was to control  the project’s development and be able to change it at any point without depending on third parties. 

The solution:  A special house created with Genially

EkoEksperymentarium’s team created their educational content with Genially.  This is how the Ticklish family ‘s house  was born, the virtual space that joins all the thematic games and integrates different formats: video, audio, draggable objects, puzzles, and more. 

Interactivity and animation capture children’s attention and encourage participation. What’s the result? Astonishing interactive content, where each game is meticulously illustrated, filled with sound effects, and narrated. Its popularity grows every day.

Genially allowed our educators to make this incredible dream a reality.
EkoEksperymentarium Team

Increasing its positive impact

The project has reached 28,000 schools throughoutPoland. According to EkoEksperymentarium’s team, in less than five months, more than 120,000 people have learned with this game.

The project’s grand success is also attributed to the development of additional materials to support the education community and those families in search of high-quality educational games who want to put sustainable habits into practice. 

For preschool and elementary school teacher Hanna Dzióbek, EkoEksperymetarium is an excellent game to introduce to her students to “eco life rules”. Hanna is a nature enthusiast and she always tries to encourage her students to form sustainable habits. She finds creative ways to inform her students about saving natural resources, such as water and energy, while recycling and reducing waste.

Hanna Dzióbek, Preschool and primary school teacher from Wrocław.

The game is very interesting. There are many surprises in it. My children were delighted, and they also played the game at home. Thanks to the game, they introduced many eco-habits in their homes. I recommend this game to every teacher and parent.
Hanna Dzióbek, Preschool and primary school teacher from Wrocław.

Genially and EkoEksperymentarium in Action

More sustainability and more ideas

On this page you can see more resources for sustainability: videos, interactive images, quizzes, and more. What do you think about these examples?

All of them are reusable, so you can use them as templates. Choose the one you like most, and edit it as you’d like to surprise your students with great content.

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade

Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade
Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

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