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Your audience is mobile, and you know it. If you’re one of the innovative people who’ve been dreaming about creating mobile-optimized geniallys, your wish has been granted!

And how? With vertical templates; the format that’s perfect for mobile. There’s a whole collection of vertical templates for you to create interactive content for any purpose, like catalogs, microsites, portfolios, etc. There are also loads of social link templates to allow you to put as many links as you like in your Instagram or TikTok bios, as well as other uses which we’ll touch on later.

Let’s explore the vertical templates to discover all the possibilities that they offer and give your geniallys the glow up they deserve!

Mobile-optimized content, please

I’m sure you’ve read time and time again that audiences are becoming more and more mobile. In the era of 2 options; segmentation and personalization, the majority of the audience of almost any sector have one thing in common: they consume content on their smartphones.

Creating mobile-optimized content is much more than modifying the size of the images or the resolution of the slides. It means adapting the structure of your content for smaller screens so that navigation is intuitive and everyone can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

Sound complicated? There’s no need to stress! In the ‘More’ section of your Genially Panel, in the Vertical Post section, there are lots of templates which are optimized for mobile, with stunning designs.

Check out this example; with this template you can present your project or share all your company’s information:

Are you viewing it on your phone? You’ll see that it sits perfectly. You can personalize it all you want, like any other Genially template; add your own content, colors, images, or fonts to create unique content.

Editing this template means that in just a few minutes you can have something that looks just like a website; a live space you can share with a simple link and where you can show off all your company’s potential, or whatever you want.

The best catalogs are interactive

Did you know you can create interactive catalogs with Genially? They’re ideal for displaying the new items in your e-commerce store, your services as a freelancer, or your best deals. And if you choose a vertical template, it’ll be perfectly optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.

Interactive catalogs have lots of interesting advantages; they lower creation and distribution costs, there are no space limits, and they increase the visibility of your products.

One of the best things about creating a catalog with Genialy is that, no matter how many times you update it, it’ll always display the latest version; changes are reflected in real time and you don’t need to share the link again. Anyone who has it will always see the updated catalog. And, with Genially you can add animation to your catalog to capture people’s attention and increase clicks.

Oh, and speaking of clicks… Here’s another advantage! Did you know that you can measure each interaction your genially receives? You can even measure which pages are the most visited and which elements receive the most clicks. Just the information you need to adjust the content of your catalog to your audience’s preferences. You’re only a few quick clicks away from success. Which template suits you best?

Portfolios, microsites, and media kits to show off your project’s full potential

Once you know how important it is for your content to be adapted to mobile, it’s a good idea to review your portfolio, media kit, or any microsites you’ve created, with a critical eye.

Something need optimizing? You can start with one of these templates and take the opportunity to update and improve the content, which is never a bad idea.

Portfolio templates are great for presenting your best work and telling people a little about yourself.

A vertical media kit template is the best option for presenting your project to the media and drawing attention to its possibilities.

These microsite templates can substitute a website in many ways. As they’re so easy to create, they’re ideal for creating temporary content, such as product or service launch campaigns or for promoting events. Some people won’t be able to believe you’ve made them without any programming involved.

Social link in your bio… or wherever you like

All social media allow you to add a link to your bio, which is a great way to drive traffic to your blog or e-commerce store. As well as that, almost all of them let you add links to your publications. But on Instagram, as I’m sure you know, that link in your bio is the only one you can have, unless you have thousands of followers. It’s a limitation that causes concern for those who use that social network. Just one link? For all the things you want to share!

That’s why there are tools that allow you to combine different links into one, which is called a social link. In Genially you’ve got a great assortment of free vertical social link templates that are super visual and that will allow you to include various links to external pages or websites in one place, and measure every interaction! For example, here’s the one we use at Genially. You can reuse it if you like!

You can also choose a template to create your own. Which style do you like best?

Being able to group your links into one has many more uses than just being able to add a social link to your bio. For example, you can display a series of posts about a particular topic, your latest projects, a collection of related projects, or whatever you like! Create your genially as usual, share it on any social media, and measure interactions!

The most important thing is that the templates are optimized for mobile, which is where everyone will be viewing your publication. And remember that geniallys are multi-purpose creations: the interactivity and animation will keep on working if you insert your genially in a publication on social media, on your website, blog, or e-commerce site. Now you can make sure your content makes it onto every phone to infinity and beyond!

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade

Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

Natalia De la Peña Frade
Natalia De la Peña Frade
Content creator: I try to write things you like to read

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